PPC Weekly News Review – #2 May 2024



PPC Weekly News Review – #2 May 2024d-tags
10 May 2024
This post will allow you to catch up on the latest news in the world of PPC that have appeared during the past week.



Dynamic Company Name and Logo

On Google Ads accounts, you can enable dynamic company name and logo – they will be generated based on the website that the ads are directing to. You can activate them in ad assets.

[Ads & assets > Assets > More > Account-level automated assets > More > Advanced settings]

Dynamic Company Name and Logoin Google Ads

Source: Google Ads Panel

What Does this Mean to You?

Enabling these options may result in Google getting the logo and name from the website, which could be of average quality. It is recommended to disable these extensions to have greater control over ad content.

Setup Section in the Campaign Summary

In the campaign summary, we have had access to columns from the ‘Setup’ section for some time now. Thanks to them, we can control, for example, the number of disapproved ads, disapproved keywords or eligible images.

[Campaigns > Columns > Modify columns]

setup in google ads campaign summary

Source: Google Ads Panel

What Does this Mean to You?

Selecting these columns for campaign summary will allow for faster and greater control over the ads.

Ads Placement in Instagram Profile Reels

From now on, at the ad set level in Meta Ads campaigns, you can select reels in Instagram profiles (public) as an ad placement.

Ads Placement in Instagram Profile Reels

Source: Facebook Ads Panel

What Does this Mean to You?

When selecting this option, it’s worth reviewing the profiles where our ads are displayed and, if necessary, excluding the inappropriate ones.

EU User Consent Policy

Starting from July 31, 2024, Google is expanding the scope of our EU User Consent Policy to also include users in Switzerland.

What Does this Mean to You?

You must obtain user consent for:

  • the use of cookies,
  • collecting, sharing, and utilizing personal data for ad personalization.

You must also:

  • retain records of user consent,
  • provide users with information on how to withdraw consent.

For more helpful information, visit the EU User Consent Policy help page.

Custom Audience Groups Option Available in Video Campaigns

Custom search terms are now also available in video campaigns.

[Tools and Settings > Audience Manager > Custom Segments > Add New]

Custom Audience Groups in Video Campaigns

Source: Google Ads Panel

What Does this Mean to You?

This solution allows for more precise targeting of audiences in video campaigns.

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