PPC Weekly News Review (25.12.2023 – 29.12.2023)



PPC Weekly News Review (25.12.2023 – 29.12.2023)d-tags
02 January 2024
The last week of this year brought some new features in the operation of Google Ads - find out more from the post below!



Label Indicating Locations in the User’s Area

Google has been testing the display of the ‘choose a place in your area’ label for some time now for users who search for a particular keyword on their devices. There is no specific place in the Google Ads dashboard where you can turn this feature on – your ads are likely to display with this keyword if you have set the exact location in the resource.

choose place in the area

Source: https://www.seroundtable.com

Label Indicating the Type of Search Result Displayed

Similarly, tests are being conducted on the display of text that describes the type of destination to which the user will be redirected after clicking on the ad. In this case, such a destination will simply be a website (not, for example, an app). This will certainly make it easier to find the desired results more quickly.

website label

Source: own search

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