PPC Weekly News Review – #4 April 2024



PPC Weekly News Review – #4 April 2024d-tags
03 May 2024
Find out from this post what interesting news the previous week brought to the PPC world. Check out the website.



Information on the Number of Conversions in Product Ads

Google may use information about the number of products sold by a company to display appropriate annotations in ads, such as ‘Over 100 units purchased last month’.

What Does this Mean to You?

To enable annotations can serve as social proof and increase convenience for potential customers (confirming that people are buying your products, so they’re likely of good quality).

You can enable displaying conversion annotations in your ads in a few simple steps.

Go to your selected Merchant Center account > Settings > Conversion settings > Check the option shown in the graphic below.

turn on conversions info

Source: Google Merchant Center panel

Absence of Exclusions for Certain Topics in GDN at the Campaign Level

Google no longer allows exclusion of certain topics at the campaign level in GDN.

topics in gdn

Source: Google Ads panel

What Does this Mean to You?

If you want to exclude specific topics, you need to do it from the account level. 

Tools and settings > Content suitability > Excluded content themes.

Excluded content themes

Source: Google Ads panel

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