PPC Weekly News Review – #4 June 2024



PPC Weekly News Review – #4 June 2024d-tags
28 June 2024
Check out what's new in the world of PPC! Important features in Google Ads, Meta Ads and Google Merchant Center, plus new rules!



Automatic Product Addition from Your Website to Google Merchant Center

Google Ads is introducing automatic product addition from your website to your Google Merchant Center account. If your website uses structured data markup on all landing pages with your products, Google will be able to index them and automatically add them to the data feed in Google Merchant Center.

This feature will not be automatically applied to Shopping and Display ads.

Automatic products addition in Google Merchant Center

source: Google Ads/Google Merchant Center Panel

What does this mean for you?

This change certainly simplifies the management of advertising your products. However, if you want greater control over which elements of your offer are presented online, you can disable the automatic product addition feature.

Brand Restrictions and Brand Exclusions at the Campaign Level

Brand restrictions and brand exclusions are now available in the campaign settings in Google Ads.

Brand settings in Google Ads

source: Google Ads Panel

What does this mean for you?

By excluding brand names, ads will not appear in search results when they pertain to certain brands, products, or services. As for brand restrictions, they will reduce traffic, so be sure to exclude only necessary brands.

Featured Promo Codes in Facebook Ads

In Facebook Ads campaigns, it is now possible to add a promo code to the displayed ads.

Promo codes in Facebook Ads

source: Facebook Ads Panel

What does this mean for you?

The option to feature a promo code in the ad along with a button to quickly copy it can certainly encourage your audience to explore your offer and make cheaper purchases.

Additional Charges for Ads Displayed in Spain, Turkey, and Italy

Starting July 1, 2024, the fee for Google Ads displayed in Spain, Turkey, and Italy will change.

  • Ads displayed in Italy: Statutory operating costs of 2.5% (previously 2%) will be added to each invoice or statement.
  • Ads displayed in Turkey: Statutory operating costs of 7% (previously 5%) will be added to each invoice or statement.
  • Ads displayed in Spain: Statutory operating costs of 3% (previously 2%) will be added to each invoice or statement.

What does this mean for you?

If your ads are displayed in any of the mentioned countries, the updated fees will appear on the statement/invoice for July 2024 and subsequent months.

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