Review Snippet – Google Search Snippets Got a New Cool Feature Users Love

Review Snippet – Google Search Snippets Got a New Cool Feature Users Love
12 August 2022
With almost 30 SERP Features available now in Google, it’s the Search Snippet for product review pages that has recently got a new functionality. Now this snippet box shows pros and cons of an item a user is looking for to buy.

Why Was the Search Snippet for Product Review Updated?

Google did its research and concluded that online shoppers love the lists of advantages and disadvantages of a product they consider spending their money on. From what we can learn from Google blog post, such elements used in product descriptions and reviews appear to be considered almost mandatory by the majority of internet users. And for that reason, Google decided to take the information on the good and bad sides out of the product reviews and put them into the Search Snippets. Here is an example of how this upgrade looks in action. [caption id="attachment_56729" align="aligncenter" width="750"]Review snippet source:[/caption] For now, Search Snippet gives the online shoppers just a sneak peek of what they can expect to see after clicking on the blue link.

Are the Pros & Cons in Search Snippets Generated Automatically?

Yes, and no. If you want to be positive that the snippet displays the pros and cons of an item you have in your inventory, it’s advised to provide Google with structured data. To check if adding this extra information works the way you expect it to, verify it in the Rich Results Test. If you don’t add the pros and cons structured data, there is a great chance Google will try to create it automatically. But, naturally, Google is expected to prioritize websites with the structured data provided. Last piece of information is that this enhancement of Search Snippets for product review works only on editorial review pages. It applies neither to merchant product pages nor customer product reviews.
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