Google Ads Extensions – Everything You Should Know



Google Ads Extensions – Everything You Should Know
16 August 2022
Extensions are an important part of Google Ads. Additional information they provide helps to improve the quality of ads. Apart from that, they increase the probability that users will choose your company. Google offers several types of extensions that are an important part of paid ads. Check out what Google Ads extensions are, what they look like and why it is worth using them!



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What Are Google Ads Extensions and How Do They Work?

Google Ads extensions are additional information included in the ads. Extensions can be used in both search and network ads. They can be added to the entire account, specific campaigns, or ad groups. They give users extra details about the products or services on offer. What are the benefits? The ad has extra text and its volume increases, which boosts its visibility in the Google search network. This encourages users to select these types of Google Ads more frequently. Using ad extensions isn't necessary, but it's worth remembering that they're additional elements that will help you stand out from the competition. This is particularly relevant when discussing competition that doesn't use ad extensions. automated bidding in google ads

When Are Google Ads Extensions Displayed and How Much Do They Cost?

We must remember that implementing Google Ads extensions doesn't guarantee they'll be displayed alongside the ad. This is determined by several factors: In order for the extension to be displayed, it should have a minimum ad rank:
  • Ads' positions in the SERPs - ads in higher positions are displayed first. Typically, a higher position means a higher ad rank or quality.
  • Other extensions - not all extensions are displayed at the same time. The search engine selects the most accurate ones.
Adding Google Ads extensions doesn't cost anything. You pay only when a user clicks on the ad or its extension. A click on the extension is billed just like a click on the ad.

1. Website Information Extensions

Information extensions will allow you to present your offer more accurately. Google provides 13 subtypes of information extensions on the site, these include services, types, models, courses, styles, facilities, and more. google ads extensions information Thanks to subpage link ads extensions, links to particular subpages on your website can be displayed under the advertisement. Thanks to this, users may go directly to the page they're interested in. It’s important to ensure that the ad includes relevant information like promotions, contact tab, or product categories, which are often searched for. The minimum required number of extensions is 2, whereas the maximum number is 6. The cost of clicking on this type of extension doesn't differ from the cost of clicking on the headline. google ads extensions subpage

3. Callout Extensions

Callout ads extensions are short pieces of information intended to highlight the benefits and advantages of the offer. With their help, you can easily present why your range is unique compared to your competitors. The text field here is minimal (25 characters), so the information should be short and specific e.g. free shipping, shipping in 24 hours, 30 days to return a purchase. google ads extensions callout

4. Location Extensions

Location ad extensions are particularly important for companies and businesses that sell their products at brick-and-mortar stores. Very often, customers choose stores based on their location. This extension allows users to see such information as the exact address and the distance that separates them from the location. In addition, clicking on the extension opens a map so users can see how to get to the address. This extension is very useful for places such as bakeries, beauty stores, or clothing stores because buyers frequently visit such locations. google ads extensions location

5. Price Extensions

Price ads extensions make it possible to show additional information about the prices of particular products or services. It's possible to add 8 such extensions and a short description that has maximally 25 characters. This is an ideal solution for companies that offer competitive prices because it can give them an advantage over their market rivals and encourage potential customers to visit their website. If you include the price of the service or product in the extension, you can sleep soundly knowing that your page will be visited by people who are ready to make a purchase and pay a specific amount for your goods. In this case, there's a chance that clicks will lead to conversions, and finalized transactions. google ads extensions price

6. Promotion Extensions

Promotion ads extensions are the perfect solution when you offer special discounts. With the help of extensions, you can inform users about your promotional offer in an easy and precise way. Promotion extensions are perfect for occasions such as Valentine's Day, Women's Day, or Christmas. In the extension, you can include information such as the discount amount, duration, or conditions of the special offer. Clicking on this extension takes the user directly to the promotion page. It's a convenient solution as thanks to it users don't have to browse the entire website. google ads extensions promotion

7. Call Extensions

Call ads extension is an additional section below the ad that contains a contact number for your company. Thanks to it, a person who wants to reach out to you, can do it with one click. It's enough to press the phone number. This extension makes it possible to quickly contact the company without having to go to the page and look for relevant information. When using call extensions, you can determine hours when users can make phone calls. You can also enable reports to see how many calls were made from the ad level and how long they lasted. Call extensions are displayed on desktop devices. However, the reports aren’t accessible in this case. It’s only possible to access reports on calls made via mobile devices. [caption id="attachment_54958" align="aligncenter" width="1291"]google ads extensions call Source:[/caption]

8. Contact Form Extensions

The contact form ads extension is a fairly recent Google solution. It helps to get the contact information directly from the customers. With its help, users can easily submit the form without going through the entire page. In the case of contact form extensions, the cost per click is the same as the cost per click on the advertisement. google ads extensions contact form Google Ads extensions allow you to display additional information about the company already in the search results. Thanks to them, you can increase the volume of the ads, the click-through rate, and the ad quality. This can ultimately translate into a lower cost per click. As it's been listed above, there are many Google Ads extension types. It's up to you to decide how many of them will be added to your Google ads. Is it worth using Google Ads extensions? Absolutely! It's possible to use the extensions for free. Therefore, it's worth focusing on this solution because it can increase the quality of advertising, generate more valuable traffic to the site, and improve conversions. In the end, all this will translate into a lower cost of advertising. Apart from that, Google Ads extensions are visually attractive to potential customers. Don't wait and implement them today. We have a great deal of experience with setting up ads with extensions - contact us and we can do it for you!
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