9 Reasons Proving It Is Worth Running a Company Blog



9 Reasons Proving It Is Worth Running a Company Blog
07 January 2020
For some people, blogging is only about writing an online diary. However, the e-commerce era changed the character of blogs by making them a powerful marketing tool. Why is it worth running a company blog? Keep reading to find out 9 convincing reasons!



A company should be present on the Internet because this enables it to reach optimal audience, including those people who seek information mainly online. As we’ve already discussed how to run a company’s fanpage, now it’s time to get down to blogging. Nowadays, various companies decide to run blogs that are related directly to the industry in which the companies operate. But is the game worth the candle? Below we present a few reasons proving that it certainly is.

1. Positioning yourself as an expert

Every company wants to lead in a given industry and every employee aims at being perceived as an expert in the field. Running a company blog is one of the methods that enables reaching that goal, moreover, it doesn’t require as much money as sponsored articles or various media and brand image activities. Valuable content will make you stand out from the crowd and help you to earn the trust of potential customers who are much more likely to go for products created by professionals. Positioning yourself as a specialist is particularly important in fields where the sale of services and their implementation require a certain level of expertise. If the readers have the chance to get to know the authors of the blog and see that they’re professionals who can solve problems and at the same time remain reliable and trustworthy, then they’ll probably choose their services. a company blog - positioning yourself as an expert

2. Finding a place that connects customers with the brand

Customers generally make purchase decisions based on the information available online. On the blog, brands have the opportunity to present their values in a manner tailored to the audience. Before publishing any content, companies need to determine who should access the texts. This will certainly increase the chances of reaching the selected target group.
A well managed blog provides information about the company and convinces customers to choose its services or products.

3. Providing a source of new customers and website traffic

A company blog increases the brand visibility in Google and facilitates reaching people who search for answers to the issues raised on the blog. Potential customers very often don’t enter the name of a specific company into the search engine and frequently discover new websites thanks to their valuable and interesting content. Such visits are very precious as they’re made by users who look for solutions to particular problems. Creating content is a way of obtaining links. Thanks to the fact that readers share inspiring and helpful publications on their channels, they also reinforce the potential of specific articles and the whole website. From this perspective, a company blog is an effective SEO tool that attracts additional traffic to the site. It’s also an integral part of the whole company's website - the content published on the blog is displayed in the search results just like other texts from the website. Thanks to the optimal density of keywords (not keyword stuffing!) most frequently searched for by potential customers, more and more users will visit the site.

4. Creating long tail keywords and improving your SEO potential

If the entries are properly advertised on the home page, search engines index them very high. Articles give you the possibility to create long tails meaning queries entered by potential customers into the search bar. Every industry has a catalogue of long tail phrases whose potential shouldn’t be underestimated. By answering the most frequently asked questions, you meet the expectations and searches of potential customers who are about to make a purchase decision. Check out our blog and read about other advantages of long tail SEO.

5. Google likes fresh content

Google appreciates new content and promotes it. Moreover, website which update their content on a regular basis are perceived much better than those which have been offering the same information for several years. Every new entry is connected with the creation of a new subpage and thanks to regular activities, the search engine treats such websites better. Regular publishing indicates that the site is constantly developing and as a consequence, the search engine robots see it as more valuable.

6. Motivating your employees to be active

For employees, a company blog is a great opportunity to start being active and show off their expertise. While company owners are trying out numerous methods that are supposed to motivate their employees to be active, blogging is one of the attractive possibilities to integrate employees so that together they could create a coherent and valuable project they’ll be proud to be a part of. Apart from being an excellent advertising tool, blogging positively affects the relationships within the team. a company blog - motivating your employees to be active

7. Showing the “behind the scenes” life of your company

Storytelling has been increasingly popular over the last few years. It’s also frequently adapted by brands which want to attract people from the outside. A company blog is an excellent place for sharing various company’s stories and showing its value. Thanks to the blog, you can inform about updates, discuss details, show photos from numerous events your company is involved in and most importantly, you can do all of these from your own perspective. Blogs allow you to tell such stories about the company’s life that are too long to be published on other channels. Moreover, the possibility to send readers willing to obtain more information from your Facebook or Twitter to the blog is also very beneficial. Besides, it’s good to have a place whose functionality is internally controlled and the content is integrated with the site. Brand awareness influences customers' purchase decisions, so it's important to present your stories in a captivating way that will make you remembered for a long time.

8. Making the communication individual

If a company decides to publish articles signed by employees, they become more of personal statements and provide individual communication with customers and this is something hard to achieve in social media. Thanks to it, the recipients know they can discuss or challenge particular statements with specific authors. On the other hand, feedback from the customers gives the company the opportunity to learn about people’s expectations and to meet their requirements better.

9. Creating content marketing campaigns

If the blog offers valuable content, then it can become a perfect marketing tool for advertising your products or services. Thanks to articles written by specialists in a given industry, you can diversify and enrich your newsletters and company's posts on social media. An interesting mailing form can help you grow your newsletter list, moreover, valuable entries on other channels will increase your reach. Running a company blog offers you new possibilities of communicating with potential and current customers. By interacting with readers, you show your real personality and brand authenticity, moreover, the interaction itself becomes more personal. Marketing campaigns created on the basis of the blog content positively influence sales and increase the reach of advertising. Blog entries enable you to do SEO for specific key phrases assigned to a given industry and to fully use SEO potential of your domain. Blogging can have a positive impact on the brand image, provided that it’s based on a long term marketing strategy and the entries are published regularly and contain some valuable pieces of information. When considering the reasons proving that it’s worth running a company blog, you need to remember that the effects won’t be visible and spectacular right after you start. It’s a time consuming process whose benefits are noticeable rather in the long run, however, it’s still worth the effort. Yes, we write :).
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