SEO & Marketing Cooperation – Finding Common Ground for SEO and Marketing!

SEO & Marketing Cooperation – Finding Common Ground for SEO and Marketing!
27 July 2023
SEO and marketing teams should work together since SEO is a part of marketing and they should have common goals. However, it's not always like that and sometimes there are some disagreements between these teams. Find out how to solve it!

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Today, I’ll be discussing how SEO and marketing teams can collaborate effectively to achieve common goals. My name is Kasia, and I oversee the marketing department at Delante, a digital marketing agency.

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I work closely with our SEO department to improve our organic visibility. Having perspectives from both the SEO agency and marketing side, I want to share tips on avoiding disagreements and fostering a productive working relationship between these teams.

Understanding the Goals

The key to successful collaboration between SEO and marketing teams is to understand each other’s goals. As an SEO specialist, your primary objective may be to increase visibility on Google and boost organic traffic. You might also measure indexing positions in Google or CTRs from search engine result pages but still, this all leads to organic traffic which is your main goal.

On the marketing side, the goals might vary based on the person’s role or the business type. For instance, a CMO might focus on ROI, sales, and the value of sales, while someone responsible for website traffic aims to generate visibility and traffic from various sources. Though the goals differ, both teams should recognize the importance of organic traffic growth.


Certain areas can lead to misunderstandings between the SEO and marketing departments. These include content, links, and design. Addressing these areas proactively can improve collaboration.


A common question is whether to write content for users or search engine bots. It’s essential to prioritize user experience and create content that addresses their queries. However, optimizing content for relevant keywords is also crucial for search engines to index and rank it effectively. Optimized content saves costs on promotional efforts and ensures better visibility on search engines.

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Link building is another area that may cause conflicts. Marketing departments may be concerned about how SEO links could impact branding and image. To address this, clear communication is essential. The marketing team should convey its branding strategy to the SEO team, ensuring that the acquired links align with the brand’s image. Additionally, links can bring referral traffic, positively impacting overall website traffic.

More about link building:


Sometimes, conflicts arise when marketing teams prioritize minimalistic website designs without much textual content. However, for organic traffic growth, it’s crucial to have relevant text on the website for search engines to understand its content. Balancing design aesthetics and SEO requirements can help in this regard.


Marketing teams can actively support SEO efforts by focusing on link building, creating content with a seasonal and trend-centric approach, and updating old content when needed. Moreover, enhancing user experience and website accessibility also indirectly benefits SEO by increasing user engagement and conversions.

Communication is the key

In conclusion, successful collaboration between SEO and marketing departments relies on open communication and understanding of each other’s goals. By addressing potential conflicts and supporting each other’s efforts, both teams can work harmoniously towards achieving the desired outcomes.

If you have any interesting stories or insights about working with SEO and marketing teams, please share them in the comments!

Kasia Zielosko Marketing Delante
Kasia Zielosko

Marketing Team Leader


She is responsible for the company’s marketing. She specializes in lead generation, international marketing, content marketing and analytics. Privately, she is a dog mom, saxophonist, macramé braider and travel lover.


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