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15 June 2021
Magento is a platform that’s designed to give users the freedom to create a unique e-commerce store with an eye-popping design, supreme functionality, and a flexible shopping cart system. Keep reading to find out the best Magento extensions to help you improve your store!



What’s great about Magento is the control you’ll have over the design process, something that enables creators to differentiate the look of their websites from the competition. However, configuring a standard Magento platform can be somewhat basic. That’s why there are so many extensions designed to enhance the user experience and ultimately increase conversions. With a Magento-built e-commerce store supported by an array of useful extensions, you can promote a high-quality store with prime functionality, offering value to the target demographic and encouraging them to take action. But what are some of the best extensions for the Magento platform?

10 Must-Have Apps Dedicated For Magento

Here are some of the best Magento apps that will take your e-commerce store to the next level:

Shogun Page Builder

Magento apps for e-commerce If you’re looking for an effortless way to make visual edits and adjustments to any page on your e-commerce store, the Shogun Page Builder will enable you to do just that. As a simple drag-and-drop editor, this tool is fantastic for customization, and what’s even better is you’ll never need to contend with the inconvenience of coding. What’s great is you can choose from existing templates or build one from scratch. Once you’ve built a beautiful landing page or edited an existing one, you can publish them directly to Magento.

SimiCart Mobile App Builder

Though most modern e-commerce stores are optimized for mobile, having your own dedicated app is a luxury that can drastically improve sales. When users can access your store from a unique app that integrates seamlessly, they can browse at their leisure and more easily tap into your latest offerings. Magento extensions to use in ecommerce Loyal customers will usually prefer shopping directly from an app on their phone. With the SimiCart Mobile App Builder, you can develop your very own iOS and Android mobile app that syncs with your feeds, products, order details, and more. See also: Mobile Commerce. M-commerce as a separate branch of e-commerce.

Aheadworks One Step Checkout

When customers are ordering via your online store, the checkout process should be effortless. Unfortunately, often when customers are ready to make a purchase they’re required to navigate various additional fields. This can be very offputting and can often lead to cart abandonment. The last thing you’ll need is for prospective customers to turn away at the last second due to a convoluted checkout process. With the Aheadworks One Step Checkout extension, you can streamline the checkout process so there’s minimal friction for consumers. It’s configured by allowing customers to enter the minimum information necessary to complete a transaction without having to commit to additional clicks. Best Magento addons

Magento 2 Live Chat

Today’s e-commerce world is driven by personalized experiences, where consumers demand real-time interaction with representatives of the companies they’re investing in. Providing a consistent service that’s built on satisfying customer requirements is a great way to differentiate your store from the competition and gain a competitive advantage. One way this can be achieved is by offering live chat support so consumers can inquire about anything. Magento live chat With the Magento 2 Live Chat Extension, you can easily integrate a clean chat interface into your website. When customers need assistance, they can communicate in real-time to clear up problems that could otherwise lead to them abandoning their shopping cart. You can even customize your chat to make it appear anywhere on your website, alongside tracking all interactions so you have a record of conversations.

MageWorx SEO Suite Ultimate

This all-in-one solution enables you to tackle various on-page SEO elements and ultimately improve your store’s visibility. This is important in today’s age, where ranking higher in search engines will dramatically improve your bottom line. With the MageWorx SEO Suite Ultimate, you can tackle advanced elements like cross-linking, rich snippets, duplicate content, SEO redirects, and more. increase traffic when product not available

Wyomind Simple Google Shopping

To capitalize on the huge volume of search traffic filtering through Google Shopping, it’s important to sync your store with Google Shopping. With Wyomind Simple Google Shopping, you can accomplish just that, grabbing traffic in a location where customers are looking. With properly optimized products, you can utilize this extension to schedule update tasks and ultimately deliver a stream of product data through Google. You’ll be surprised by how much your customer base expands when coordinated with Google shopping.

Amasty Abandoned Cart Email

As aforementioned, cart abandonment is one of the most frustrating things that can happen to an e-commerce provider. When a customer is so close to purchasing and leaves for whatever reason, it’s enough to make you feel dejected and disillusioned. Well, fortunately with the Amasty Abandoned Cart Email extension, you can overcome cart abandonment with automated emails. Imagine being able to bring a customer back to complete their purchase? You can create robust email campaigns for your Magento store to increase the volume of completed orders. As part of an automated process, you can recapture lost revenue and even promote discount options for returning customers. Embrace customizable templates, personalization, analysis reports, and one-step recovery. Get those all-important customers back! [caption id="attachment_41179" align="aligncenter" width="750"]Magento apps for ecommerce This Magento app will also provide you with abandoned cart statistics.[/caption] Check also: What Is Cart Abandonment & How To Reduce It? 

Smart Search Autocomplete

When consumers know what they want, they should be able to quickly find what they’re looking for in your e-commerce store. With the Smart Search Autocomplete extension, search queries are taken to new heights through AI-driven technology. This app has the power to autocomplete search results and reduce the number of clicks required for a customer to find what they’re looking for. Best Magento extensions example You can leverage this tool to improve product recommendations, utilizing customer insights to personalize suggestions and highlight the areas individual customers are interested in. See also: How to Improve E-commerce Site Search?


When you can provide actual evidence of customers using your product or service, your trust levels will greatly improve. When consumers trust your business, they’re much more likely to give you their custom. With Pixlee, you can integrate social content that highlights consumers engaging with your business. Share stunning visual images and videos to encourage consumers and highlight the strengths of your products and how they can be used to maximum capacity. You can even convert images into shoppable links, so prospective customers can purchase within just a few clicks. Work on social promotions, personalized emails, visual reviews, advanced reporting, and more.

Page Speed by Templates Master

The speed at which your site loads a huge priority. Customers can be deterred from proceeding to browse your store if it’s taking too long to do so. The last thing you’ll want is to lose customers and ultimately revenue this way. Website speed check with Magento extension With the Page Speed Magento extension, you can help your store load faster, bolstering expansive image optimization and ultimately reducing the lag which can kill your business before people have even had a chance to properly browse your store. Check also: Website Speed Importance in SEO.
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Delante is an online marketing agency specialized in generating website traffic from search engines and paid ads (SEO / SEM). Over 80% of our clients are from rapidly growing e-commerce industry.

Logo Delante

Delante is an online marketing agency specialized in generating website traffic from search engines and paid ads (SEO / SEM). Over 80% of our clients are from rapidly growing e-commerce industry.

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