Top Global SEO Events You Should Attend in 2020

Top Global SEO Events You Should Attend in 2020
14 February 2020
SEO events are one of the most effective ways to learn and experience updated search engine optimisation methods and techniques from the experts while growing your network - and if you add the opportunity of learning from SEO specialists around the world, it would be an incredible advantage to your skillset and your business.
You see, education about digital marketing and SEO is essential in this digitally-driven world, especially if you have a team that’s going to help you scale your business - you should get your team players geared up. After all, spending money on marketing conferences, trade shows, and networking events would pay dividends in the long run. So, today, we will talk about five of the best global SEO events and digital marketing conferences 2020 has. Check these out.

Here are the 5 Best Global SEO Events in 2020 You Should Attend:

  • Search Marketing Expo
  • BrightonSEO
  • YoastCon
  • Search Marketing Summit
  • Digital Summit
Before we discover more about these SEO and marketing conferences 2020 offers, let’s make sure that we’re on the same page.

What are SEO Events?

An SEO event is generally a gathering of search engine optimisation specialists and newbies alike who want to share their knowledge on SEO and search engine marketing (SEM), and learn from other experts as well.
These events, however, are not limited to learning the updates on SEO and SEM or attending training and workshops. Often, the events cover new and effective ways of digital marketing in general as well as the opportunity to network with other people in your industry, notably around the world. SEO events are, indeed, your avenue to grow your knowledge and network, and most importantly, scale your business. Digital marketing conferences in 2020 So, here are the top 5 global SEO events you should attend in 2020:

Search Marketing Expo in San Jose, California, United States of America (also in Munich, Germany)

Search Marketing Expo will be happening this coming February 19 to 21, 2020 at San Jose, California, USA. A similar version will be happening in March 2020 in Munich, Germany. These SEO events will be led by white-hat SEO and SEM experts - Ginny Marvin (the EIC of Search Engine Land), Dana Tan (the senior manager of Under Armour’s Global SEO), and Benjamin Spiegel (the Chief Digital Officer of Procter & Gamble) to name a few. They will teach with different approaches from standard lectures to clinics and roundtables. So, if you want yourself and your marketing team to have an intimate networking experience while acquiring a great deal of information, the Search Marketing Expo is to go for, especially if you want to get ahead of your competitors by learning the techniques of taming the ever-evolving search algorithms.

BrightonSEO in Brighton, England

BrightonSEO will be happening this coming April 16-17, 2020 in Brighton, England. This two-day SEO event dedicates a day for search marketing conference and another day for search marketing training. It is considered as one of the best marketing conferences 2020 holds because of the prominent speakers - in the past, BrightonSEO featured search engine optimisation experts such as John Muller from Google, Olga Andrienko from SEMrush, and Oliver Brett from Screaming Frog to name a few. Some of the invaluable topics and training sessions would be about SEO automation, advanced SEO, Artificial Intelligence and SEO, advanced link building, and so much more.

YoastCon in the Netherlands

Yoast SEO is the leading search engine optimisation plugin for WordPress sites. So, if your website is one, you might want to learn directly from the experts of the world’s leading SEO plugin such as Marieke van de Rakt, (the Yoast CEO herself), Joost de Valk (the Yoast CPO himself), Miriam Schwab (the CEO and founder of Strattic), and Karl Gilis (the CRO-expert of AGConsult) to name a few. YoastCon will be happening this coming April 24, 2020, in Wijchen, Netherlands. So, if you want to learn more about SEO and website optimisation from the experts as well as acquire new insights from Google, and get ahead of the newest trends in the SEO world, be there at YoastCon 2020! SEO events in 2020 - yoastcon

Search Marketing Summit in Australia

To our friends down under, the Search Marketing Summit will be happening this coming March 17-20, 2020 in Sydney, Australia. This is one of the leading search and digital marketing conferences 2020 has for Aussies. The summit is one of the few SEO events that take more than three days to complete the topics and training sessions that will be led by various local and international speakers and experts of search engine optimisation, web design, pay per click (PPC), webmasters, marketing managers, and web technology professionals. So, if you want to increase organic web traffic, increase your conversions and ROI as well as get effective paid search advertising results, join the Search Marketing Summit.

Digital Summit in Phoenix, Arizona, United States of America

Digital Summit will be happening this coming March 23-25, 2020 in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. This is considered to be one of the best digital marketing conferences 2020 has for accounting marketers. The speakers of this SEO event include marketing experts of global brands such as Nike, Southwest Airlines, NPR, Cisco, and other heads of great marketing companies around the world. So, if you want to learn more about how to integrate SEO with other areas of digital marketing while getting innovative ideas from digital marketing experts, join the summit!

Which SEO Events are You Going to Attend in 2020?

If you ask me, and if given enough time and finances, I would attend all of them! There are heaps of SEO events around the world, though. We just listed the top 5 of these digital marketing conferences 2020 has for the SEO and marketing industries. If you think that the ones listed above are too far from you, feel free to look up for SEO events in your area. Consider these marketing conferences are new doors of opportunity to enhance your skillset, grow your business, and network with other people in your industry. However, if you don’t have the funds to attend these events this year, you can always consult with SEO specialists and learn from them while scaling your business. Talk with digital marketing experts and see the effect of a strategic SEO and search engine marketing without having to break the bank.
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