What is IndexNow – Search Engine Indexing Revolution



What is IndexNow – Search Engine Indexing Revolution
14 March 2022
Do you know about the most effective tool for SEO indexing? IndexNow has come on the scene to alert search engines about your new content! No more waiting for your website to be crawled and indexed.



Table of contents: By using it, your website will have its new content ranked and sorted much more quickly than before. Previously, search engines like Google would have to wait for new content to be hit by its algorithm in order to be updated, ensuring a huge delay. Now, things are much better. What is Index Now SEO like? It’s one of the most efficient ways to get your content ranked! It’s only a matter of time before IndexNow gets widespread adoption, so learning how it functions early is essential. After reading this article you'll know what is IndexNow and you’ll just have to update your content and watch it succeed immediately!

So What is IndexNow?

IndexNow is a new tool from Bing and Yandex that enables websites to notify search engines when their content has been created, updated, or deleted. It works quickly, instead of over a period of days or weeks, and allows your content to be immediately accessed. IndexNow informs various search engines when exactly the URLs of your website have changed, which helps algorithms immensely. You may be wondering: does Google support IndexNow? While at the moment the answer is no, never forget that many people are switching to new search engines. This means that the future of SEO will be distributed among more search engines than now. Not only that, but Google has every reason to adopt IndexNow for its own searches! IndexNow is a powerful tool with incredible potential. That’s why it’s essential to learn how to use it for your own best interest! In time, we could see it become a huge factor in worldwide rankings. By enabling your content to be seen by new search engines easily, IndexNow will always have a place for proper SEO practices. Content marketing seo optimizations In addition, IndexNow is a pioneer of protocols interested in sustainability. By negating the need for crawlers to search the web over and over again, IndexNow hopes to lessen the environmental load of the internet. This can have tremendous affects on the carbon footprint of the digital landscape!

Why is IndexNow Important for SEO?

By reducing the time for search engines to notice your content, your ranking can be affected immediately! This means no more waiting around for algorithmic crawlers to eventually update your site’s listing – this happens much more quickly! Getting your website listed faster means having its ranking appear as fast as it can – driving sales, traffic, and interaction. Previously, search engines would take their time and run their crawlers every so often. This ensured that your new content would only be “seen” by the algorithms whenever they chanced upon it. With new innovations like IndexNow, your new content updates can be reported right away! This will ensure a better SEO profile at the end of the day, making your new content properly ranked right away. As a prime example of why you should use IndexNow, we can look at one of Delante’s previous answers to a traffic problem. Organic traffic loss is a critical reason to maintain your website properly and one of the main factors to consider is how people can access your content. With IndexNow, many of the updating issues disappear, allowing people to find your site naturally – and quickly!

How Do I Use IndexNow?

IndexNow is actually a very simple app to use, allowing anyone to take advantage of it immediately. With the following simple steps, you’ll be up and running in no time. Step 1: Generate an API key The first step is to generate a key, which is needed to match the ownership of your domain to the chosen URLs you’ve decided to submit. To generate a key, head to this link and hit the ‘Generate’ button! what is indexnow Step 2: Host Generated Key on the Root Directory of Domain A slightly more complicated step, you will need to create a location on your domain for the key to reside. For example, a sample key is hosted here: what is index now SEO This link leads to the following web page: does google support indexnow Step 3: Begin URL Submission You are now able to submit single or multiple URLs by submitting your key location as URL parameter. An example of this is as follows: SEO what is indexnow In other words, simply add the new URL and your generated key to https://www.bing.com/indexnow. The breakdown will look something like this: (https://www.bing.com/indexnow?) (url= insert your specific URL here) (&key= Insert the key here) Be sure to remove the brackets and spaces! Sending Batch URLs In order to send more than one URL to IndexNow, a slightly more intensive process is needed. You will need to submit an HTTP request and issue your POST JSON request. Here is an example page for you to study: indexing more than one url Step 4: Consult Bing’s Webmaster Tools Upon Completion After you have sent your URLs, you can access the Bing Webmaster Tools to see if they have been successfully sent or not. Get started by creating an account!

IndexNow Works Across Search Engines

An obvious benefit to IndexNow is its ubiquity across search engines. Data is shared, thanks to it being open-source, and all search engines benefit from its use. While Google does not yet use it, it is available to every other search engine, making your SEO ranking on them update almost immediately. This is unprecedented in the SEO space, opening up countless new possibilities! With more content support for alternatives such as Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yandex, and more, you will be able to share your content with people looking for Google alternatives very easily.
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Not only that, but Google, in time, will most certainly adopt a similar application or even IndexNow itself. Familiarizing yourself with it now will only pay off down the line! It has never been a better time to take more control over your domain and content. By utilizing every tool at your disposal, you will be able to quickly rank your content and be seen by the whole world!

Rank Math Integrates IndexNow for WordPress

Since February 2022 WordPress plugin Rank Math has also supported IndexNow. It helps with faster website indexing and ranking and by using IndexNow you can immediately ping search engines about changes. What exactly is Rank Math? It's an SEO plugin for WordPress created to easily configure and implement various SEO features for a website. It generates SEO suggestions and integrates website with Google Analytics. What's the advantage of connecting these two features? Integration of IndexNow with Rank Math automates the process of notifying search engines about new content, changes, etc. Everything we wrote about above can now be done by the plugin, so if you have a Wordpress website you don't have to lift a finger.

The Web is Getting Smarter

With an increasingly interconnected internet, using tools that allow you to cross multiple platforms is essential. By making SEO - friendly content based on our recommendations and spreading it, you will find success. IndexNow is simply one of a host of new tools available to content creators to maximize efficiency!
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