Discover 6 New Dimensions and Metrics in Google Analytics 4

Discover 6 New Dimensions and Metrics in Google Analytics 4
12 June 2023
Google continues its pursuit of making Google Analytics 4 the ultimate analytical tool that surpasses your wildest dreams. As of June 5th, we have gained access to six new dimensions and metrics to enhance audience analysis. Curious to know what they are? Keep reading to find out!

What Is Google Analytics 4 Audience Builder?

Segmenting your users in meaningful ways is crucial for your business. In Google Analytics 4, you can create segments based on metrics, dimensions, and events, encompassing all the users who visit your website.

The audience builder tool helps you monitor your website’s metrics and goals, and now, with the recent expansion of dimensions and metrics, you can delve into even greater detail.

With the impending deadline for the end of Universal Analytics, it’s crucial to explore the full potential of this tool. Discover the possibilities and harness the power of Google Analytics 4 to boost your business success with our comprehensive GA4 guide!

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What’s New in GA4?

On May, 17 Google considerably expanded the metrics and dimensions in Google Analytics 4 in order to close key parity gaps with the Universal Analytics audience builder.

Google has introduced an impressive range of enhancements to Google Analytics. Among these updates are 11 item-scoped dimensions, 5 item-scoped ecommerce metrics, 1 event-scoped ecommerce metric, and the inclusion of low-engagement sessions. Furthermore, certain metrics and options have been expanded, providing users with even greater capabilities.

Considering the significant update that occurred less than a month ago, one might wonder what other improvements Google could possibly have in store.

Surprisingly, they have unveiled yet another set of enhancements, including 5 additional dimensions and 1 new metric to further improve Google Analytics 4. It seems that Google still has a few tricks up their sleeves to elevate the capabilities of their tool.

The five new dimensions include:

  • Country
  • Manual term (UTM Term)
  • Mobile device info
  • Minute
  • New vs Returning

The new metric is:

  • Session duration

Is that everything that Google prepared for us? Probably not! They are still developing the tool to make sure it has everything we need to make the best decisions about our businesses. Therefore, it is crucial to stay tuned and closely follow the updates on Google Analytics 4. Keep your finger on the pulse to stay ahead of the competition and maintain your edge in the industry!

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