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Client Goals


Migrating the website

Exorigo-Upos, after refreshing their website, updating content, and reorganizing pages, was ready for website migration. They reached out to us to ensure a smooth transition without negatively impacting their visibility. They intended to improve their visibility through SEO at a later point in time.


Improving the website’s visibility

The next goal was to make Exorigo-Upos more visible on Google. Initially, the website mainly showed up for brand keywords, along with a few long-tail phrases that pulled out blog posts in the SERP. To help the Client, we had to strengthen the position of blog keywords as well as the key phrases related to the company’s products and services.


Increasing organic traffic

Our final task was to convert the higher website’s visibility into more organic traffic.

SEO Team

From the very beginning, I’ve been the primary point of contact and the specialist responsible for devising a personalized SEO strategy for the Client. This laid the foundation for a partnership that began during the consultation stage and has only grown stronger as we carried on with our SEO process. Exorigo-Upos has proven to be an engaged and cooperative partner. I’m always informed about any changes on the website, and we regularly discuss new ideas that can help the Client’s website become more successful. Our collaborative approach has played a crucial role in achieving our success!

Joanna Nicpoń
Joanna Nicpoń Senior SEO Specialist
SEO Migration

We began our collaboration at the turn of May and June 2021 with a one-off SEO consultation project. It turned out that Exorigo-Upos was in search of someone to guide them through their website migration to ensure all the technical aspects crucial for SEO were handled correctly. They also sought assistance with:

  1. researching keywords relevant to their business
  2. building the correct information architecture
  3. implementing various language versions on the website

Exorigo-Upos was well aware of the SEO risks associated with a website migration and therefore wanted to do their best to minimize them. They assumed that if we proved to be reliable partners in this project, they would continue working with us throughout the entire SEO process – and that’s precisely what happened!

A poorly executed migration can indeed have dire consequences for a website’s SEO. It can essentially make Google treat it as an entirely new website, resulting in lost search engine rankings, decreased visibility, organic traffic, and conversions. It can also negatively affect brand awareness and other traffic channels.

Numerous technical elements must be carefully addressed before and during migration to prevent the aforementioned issues. Without the help of an SEO agency, developers building the website may not always be aware of all SEO-related aspects, leading to potential errors.

However, when done right, website migration can greatly boost visibility and help website owners unlock their website’s true potential. That was exactly what we wanted to do!

Migration Process

The very first step we took was keyword research. Exorigo-Upos wanted to find out how its target audience searched for its services to make sure that the information architecture aligned with those search patterns.

Using the insights from this research, we made changes to product and service names, reorganized the menu, improved metadata, and modified URLs. Additionally, we selected the keywords to be used for creating new pieces of web content.

Case study - plan na menu strony

Section from the final menu layout

We also guided the Client on how to handle the multilingual versions of the website – on the old Exorigo-Upos website, they used language directories, while on the new one, each language has its dedicated domain. We implemented hreflangs and took care of setting smooth redirects.

Furthermore, since Exorigo-Upos had several unused domains, we advised on how to make them actually useful. We reviewed their performance metrics and history to decide whether to keep, redirect, or completely abandon them, cutting down on unnecessary expenses.

An essential part of the SEO migration project was also to run an in-depth analysis and provide feedback for the development version of the website. At that stage, we meticulously checked various technical elements to later give our recommendations to the Exorigo-Upos’s developers. This way we ensured that the website was well-prepared for the SEO process, minimizing the need for significant technical changes later on. Some of the aspects we examined included:

  • page loading speed
  • header structure
  • internal linking
  • external linking, where appropriate links were marked with the rel=”nofollow” attribute
  • footer structure
  • graphics
  • txt file
  • sitemap

Furthermore, we established proper 301 redirect rules, which are one of the most critical aspects of a migration. When URL addresses change, and redirects aren’t well-prepared, the power of the old URLs, their visibility, and inbound links can be lost.

Additionally, we provided SEO guidelines for writing blog posts. This way the Client knew how to optimize new web content for SEO.

The SEO consultations lasted for two months, and the migration process was launched on July 29. We set a specific date and time for the launch, making sure our team was in place to check if everything had been done correctly. This step is crucial and contributes to the whole migration process’s success.

When the migration was finally over, we proceeded to review all essential elements of the website. For example, we checked whether:

  • the redirects were correctly executed and hence functioning properly
  • the website was indexable (sometimes, when the development version is blocked, it’s easy to forget to change this immediately after the website goes live)
  • the website was generating any errors, such as 404 or 500
  • analytical tools (GA and Search Console) were properly configured to collect the right items of data
  • the sitemap was uploaded to the Search Console
  • the page was quick to load
  • external and internal linking functioned correctly
  • web content, including metadata, was successfully transferred
  • canonical tags were set correctly
  • hreflang tags were configured accurately

Migration Results

Thanks to the excellent collaboration, and good communication both with Exorigo-Upos and the company responsible for building the new website, the complex process of website migration went very smoothly. All our recommendations were swiftly implemented. As a result, less than a month later, we could see many positive outcomes:

The number of keywords in the TOP3 remained relatively stable (data from Senuto):

Pozycja frazy kluczowej

The green line marks the starting point of the website migration process

The number of keywords in the TOP10 increased significantly (data from Senuto):

liczba fraz według Senuto

The green line marks the starting point of the website migration process

The number of keywords in the TOP50 also grew noticeably (data from Senuto):

Pozycja fraz z senuto - exorigo

The green line marks the starting point of the website migration process

Data from SEMStorm – this analytical tool also showed a substantial increase in website visibility a month after the migration:

pozycja fraz semstorm

Below there are a couple of examples of keywords that strengthened their positions after migration:

pozycje fraz - zmiana

zmiana pozycji fraz

The migration was successful and brought great results, and we were pleased that Exorigo-Upos chose us to devise and execute the complete SEO process for their website.

We started with running a thorough website audit because it’s an essential part of developing a customized SEO strategy, even after taking part in the migration. Naturally, we already had some data from our post-migration analysis, so we carried on gathering more over the following month to better understand the website’s performance.

SEO Strategy

Creating More Web Content

Service pages with a limited number of services/products must expand their website content differently, for example, through regular publication of blog articles.

Why we did it

  • to increase the website’s visibility for new keywords, which boosts the number of page views in search results and organic traffic
  • to create topic clusters, and strengthen keywords used on service pages
  • to help Exorigo-Upos build highly informative content in line with E-A-T guidelines, presenting itself as an expert, establishing authority
  • to gain the trust of users and search engine robots

Exorigo-Upos runs an informational blog, but in the beginning, the topic ideas weren’t selected with SEO in mind. So, it was crucial to create a strategy that could connect industry and company news with SEO. Up to now, we have worked together on choosing topics and keywords to consistently improve visibility for new keywords and prevent duplication. We also are responsible for writing some of the content for the Client and continuously optimizing Exorigo’s articles.

Fragment pliku do zarządzania procesem blogowym

Section of the file for managing the blogging process

Efekty seo - content

Search Console screenshot showing increased views and clicks on the blog

Off-Site Strategy

Naturally, link building is an essential component of the SEO process. Within this strategy, we build diverse and high-quality backlinks in weekly intervals and get 1-2 sponsored articles published each month.

Following the migration, we started acquiring valuable backlinks for the Client’s website.

Building a Diverse Backlink Profile

We consistently focus on building the backlink profile by acquiring links from a variety of authoritative domains.

Before we started working with the Client, the number of such domains had been decreasing, as evident in the screenshots below.

Publishing Sponsored Articles

We also keep publishing sponsored articles for the Client, which help us improve the website’s metrics and boost rankings for specific keywords. Before an article is published, we thoroughly assess both the copy’s quality and the domain’s metrics.

What Are the Outcomes of Our Off-Site Efforts?


stan domeny prze procesem - linkowanie


exorigo upos- domeny linkujące

wyniki offsite exorigo

The green line marks the starting point of the SEO process


The website has been getting more and more visible on Google. After a decline following one of Google’s updates in the latter half of 2021, we successfully managed to bounce the visibility back.

Widoczność - case study seo

Website’s visibility shown in Senuto tool (TOP50, TOP10 and TOP3)

Exorigo upos - podsumowanie widoczności po procesie seo

Website’s visibility shown in Senuto tool (TOP10 and TOP3)

widocznosc - semstorm

Website’s visibility shown in SEMStorm tool (TOP3, TOP10, TOP20 and TOP50)

Widoczność strony w narzędziu Ahrefs (TOP3, TOP10, TOP20)

Website’s visibility shown in Ahrefs tool (TOP3, TOP10 and TOP20)

Ruch organiczny z GA na przestrzeni 3 ostatnich lat (lipiec 2020-lipiec 2023)

Organic traffic in Google Analytics from July 2020 to July 2023

Rok 2022 w porównaniu do 2021 - widoczne jest 43% wzrostu sesji z ruchu organicznego.

In 2022, compared to 2021, there is a noticeable 43% increase in organic traffic sessions.

Working with Delante makes me feel at ease, not just in terms of SEO. I have great confidence in Joasia Nicpoń’s knowledge and experience, to the extent that I even consult her on naming our products. When we started, I knew that achieving good website visibility takes time, but it’s crucial. In the B2B industry, customers spend a lot of time researching on their own before they reach out to us. Search engine optimization and interesting content are key parts of our marketing and sales strategy, helping us establish Exorigo-Upos as a reliable tech provider and retail advisor. That’s why I plan to keep working with Delante, and I’d recommend them to other companies without hesitation.

Anna Schabikowska - exorigo upos

Anna Schabikowska

Board Advisor and Marketing Director

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