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Client Goals


Help with a smooth migration

When Protekt reached out to us, they were in the process of moving their website to a new platform and wanted to improve its visibility in search engines. We provided them with a detailed list of suggestions on how to achieve better search engine optimization results.


Visibility & traffic increase

Protekt’s goal was to boost the visibility and traffic of its website through comprehensive SEO efforts. We have been consistently working towards enhancing their website’s visibility and attracting a larger number of visitors.

SEO Team

The cooperation from the very beginning has been very successful thanks to a mutual understanding. As the Protekt website was in the process of migration when they first contacted us, we were able to implement the necessary changes and boost visibility and organic traffic of the new website right from the start. We’re continuously working on improving Protekt’s website and attracting more visitors to increase the conversion.

Przemek Jaskierski
Przemek Jaskierski Senior SEO Specialist

On-Site Strategy

Title & meta description optimization

Why we did it

Optimizing metadata can enhance the chances of search engines correctly interpreting and presenting your web pages to users, ultimately improving your website’s visibility, click-through rates, and organic traffic.

Our collaboration with Protekt began with a thorough website audit. As the English version of the website was essentially a duplicate of the Polish one, we focused our analysis solely on the latter.

We started the audit by examining the metadata. During the evaluation of the Protekt website, we found several issues with meta titles. They were often too short and occasionally duplicated.

As a part of the on-site SEO process, we made adjustments by adding relevant keywords to the titles to ensure their effectiveness.

Title before:

protekt example of a too short meta title

Title after:

protekt meta title after optimization

English version:

protekt uk meta title after optimization

On the other hand, we found that the meta descriptions on Protekt’s website were often too long, causing them to be cut off and not fully visible to users when they scroll through search results.

This can reduce the effectiveness of the meta descriptions in providing a clear summary of the web pages, and may negatively impact the traffic leading to those pages

Meta description before:

protekt example of too long meta description

Meta description after:

protekt meta description after

protekt uk meta description after

Headings optimization

Why we did it

Correct headings structure is not only important for the users as improves the readability and organization of your content but also helps search engines understand the context and relevance of your web pages. This leads to better visibility and potential ranking improvements in search engine results.

We also identified an issue with the headline structure on the website. We found out that category pages and product pages lacked H2 headings, which are important for organizing and structuring content.

number of headings on category pages

To optimize the pages for improved SEO results, we implemented H2 headings and enhanced the category names. Optimizing the category names ensured that they accurately reflected the content and keywords, further improving these pages.

correct headings on category pages

Product pages included only one heading, so we added headings to each product page alongside additional content.

number of headings on productpages

Fixing incorrect product image names & missing alt text

Why we did it

Alt text play an important role for both users and Google. It helps Google’s understanding of the image content and assists visually-impaired users in comprehending the visual context. Additionally, adding alt text enables images to be featured in Google Images, improving their visibility and discoverability.

We noticed that the images on the website were inaccurately named, lacking the names of the depicted products. Also, most of these images were missing alt text, which is essential for improving their visibility in Google Images.

missing alt text on protekt website

Based on our analysis, we added alt text to all the images on the website and renamed them to include the product names.

Saturating website with quality content

Why we did it

Quality content is crucial for a website as it directly impacts user experience and overall success. It helps to establish the website’s credibility, improve search engine rankings, and increase organic traffic. By delivering relevant, informative, and engaging content, a website can attract and retain visitors.

During the initial audit, we noticed a small amount of content on the website. The main page, category pages, and product pages were lacking content that could be optimized for relevant keywords. To address this, we added more relevant and keyword-rich content to these pages to improve their visibility in search results and user experience.

Website lacked unique content, so content duplication was quite high.

amount of duplicated content on the website

To address this issue, we prepared and optimize content for Protekt. Our approach involved using semantic tags such as <strong> and <em>, making sure that the content remained user-friendly.

Given the challenging nature of Protekt’s industry, the content needed to have a technical focus. However, we rose to the challenge and delivered texts that met their requirements.

Examples of content on the Protekt website:

product page content prepared by delante

Currently, there’s no blog on Protekt’s website but we are working on expanding the knowledge base to provide valuable and informative content to their audience.

Fixing incorrect URL structure

Why we did it

Correct URL structure has a great impact on the overall success and visibility of your website. It enhances user experience, improves clickability and shareability, and aids search engine indexing.

During our analysis, we discovered that some URLs on Protekt’s website contained the underscore “_” instead of the correct dash “-” symbol. Some of the URLs were also too long and included too much information:

too long urls protekt before optimization

As this is not desirable we shortened and corrected the URLs by replacing the underscores with dashes and incorporating relevant keywords. Additionally, we advised implementing 301 redirects to ensure a smooth transition and maintain the SEO value of the URLs during the website migration process.

Correct URL structure:

example of correct url structure

Developing the website’s footer

Why we did it

The footer is a valuable section of a website that improves navigation, accessibility, and internal linking. It contributes to a positive user experience, facilitates website management, and supports SEO efforts.

The footer section on Protekt’s website was missing essential information. To address this, we expanded the footer by including contact details, links to important web pages, and social media profiles.

Footer after optimization:

improved website footer

This not only supported internal linking within the website but also enhanced the overall user experience by providing easy access to relevant information and encouraging engagement through social media platforms.

Improving website loading time

Why we did it

The short website loading time is important for providing a great user experience, improving search engine rankings, and increasing conversion rates. There’s nothing more frustrating than a website that takes ages to load – most users will simply leave if it takes too long and you’ll lose potential customers.

The website had a slow loading time of 4.5 seconds, which nowadays is considered way too long. One of the main factors contributing to this was the size of the website, which amounted to a hefty 8.26 MB.

website loading time results

This had a negative impact on user experience by causing delays and potentially frustrating visitors. To fix this issue, we used technical optimization techniques such as image compression, code optimization, and others to reduce the website’s size and significantly improve its loading speed, resulting in a better user experience.

Core Web Vitals after optimization:

core web vitals after optimization protekt

Fixing 505 errors

Why we did it

Errors hinder the website’s functionality and usability. When users encounter a 505 error, they are unable to access your web page. This will plummet might your traffic and negatively affect conversions, so getting rid of errors is crucial to maintain a healthy and profitable website.

The website encountered a few 505 errors, indicating that there were issues with the server. We investigated and resolved these errors to ensure smooth functionality and improved user experience on the website.

505 errors on protekt website

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Off-Site Strategy

Before we begin constructing link building strategy we always check the current backlink profile and domain parameters.

Protekt’s website had many quality backlinks from high-quality domains which you can see on the screenshots from Ahrefs below:

protekt link profile before

protekt link profile before

By running an effective link building campaign that focuses on acquiring quality links from domains with high ratings, we’re further increasing the parameters of the site and the number of links leading to it in a natural way.

protekt link profile after

protekt backlinks after


Polish market:

  • 46% increase in visibility over a year

visibility an traffic increase protekt

organic traffic and keywords increase

  • 30% increase in traffic over a year

traffic increase protekt

English speaking markets

  • 70% increase in visibility over a year
  • 67% increase in traffic over a year

traffic and visibility increase protekt uk

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