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Handmade Ornaments Store

Handmade Ornaments Store

For our client, a family business providing handmade and personalized Christmas baubles, we’re managing the full SEO process for the Australian market

See how with an SEO strategy adjusted to the seasonality of industry and client’s business profile we increased client’s organic traffic that translated into an increase in sales during the season.


Christmas ornaments




Organic Traffic


increase since the beginning
of the cooperation


The client reached out to us with the goal to increase organic traffic and seasonal sales. Knowing the market is characterized by extreme seasonality (sales would appear only during the pre-Christmas and Christmas period) we focused on creating an SEO strategy that would improve website performance throughout the year while culminating during a peak season.

A few quick facts: 

  • Highly seasonal market
  • Website built on custom CMS
  • Niche industry
  • A short period of market activity with highly competitive keywords

On-site process

The cooperation started with an SEO audit which delivered crucial information to compose the strategy. With a client, we decided on the most relevant keyword phrases business-wise and planned the process of fixing technical issues discovered during the audit. Obviously, the main role in the SEO strategy was in this case a seasonality of the industry, best illustrated by “Christmas baubles” keyword popularity during the year:
seasonality of the keyword

Problem 1: Lack of content on the main page and subpages

One of the major errors on the website was connected with the insufficient amount of content published on the website. As a result, our client’s website did not use the potential of keywords – less content means fewer opportunities to optimize it for different key phrases that affect page visibility. Moreover, it also translated into content duplication.

We prepared recommendations for blog topics and general publishing guidelines that were later implemented on the site by the client’s team.

Our team took care of creating properly optimized homepage content and category descriptions.

Problem 2: Flawed internal linking

The problem with links didn’t stop with the backlinks. Internal linking also required improvement to strengthen the website’s SEO.

To do so, we decided on changing some of the category names – this change resulted in different menu links.

We updated the website footer and implemented internal links – before the footer wasn’t including any information apart from the company’s name.

seasonal seo case study - footer optimization

With new content on the company’s blog, we could also start building internal links within articles as well as on the website’s content by implementing new links to newly created descriptions.

Problem 3: Incorrect heading structure

Another content problem was the flawed heading structure. The hierarchy required improvement both in the case of homepage and category subpages.

Main page heading structure before:

incorrect header structure


Homepage H1 and H2 headings were optimized for business-relevant keywords.

Lacking H2 headings were added to all category and product subpages – we implemented the correct heading structure.

Main page headings after optimization:

optimized header structure

Problem 4: Incorrect title and meta description

Titles and meta descriptions are important elements that can increase organic traffic and attract more customers to one’s website. It should describe the page’s contents, including keywords and a catchy call to action.

Our client’s titles and meta descriptions were incorrect for both category subpages and product ones. We optimized them for relevant keywords.

Incorrect title tag example:

incorrect title

Incorrect meta description example:

incorrect meta descriptions

Exemplary title and meta description after optimization:

optimized title and meta description

Problem 5: Incorrect product and category names

Product and category names were too general and required to be changed for more specific keyword phrases. For example “ribbons” category, even if properly optimized, wouldn’t make the page visible for potential buyers. We changed all the product and category names for relevant keywords.

Example of improved “ribbon” category:

category name optimization in seasonal seo

Problem 6: Lack of sitemap

We generated the website’s site map and uploaded it to the Google Search Console account. This way the indexation process was improved.

Off-site process

It’s assumed that link building can affect about 30% of the SEO process effectiveness of keyword positions. That’s why it’s important to arm every SEO strategy with adequate link building activities.

Unfortunately, when we started working on the client’s website, the site’s backlink profile was poor. There were not enough linking domains, generating a too low number of backlinks. Following our link building quality guidelines, we did our best to create a strong link profile for our client.

As a result, the domain had low parameters.

We researched and together with the client selected the most important keywords to include in the process. With a composed strategy, we manually built links to the homepage and subpages using only high-quality and relevant referring domains.

Domain parameters before the cooperation:

domain parameters before cooperation

Domain parameters after cooperation:

domain parameters after cooperation

A referring domains graph before we started working on the website:

referring domains before cooperation

The same graph currently:

referring domains after cooperation


Thanks to adjusting the SEO strategy to the client’s business profile and the specifics of the market we increased the website performance and business’ revenue. The effects are clear proof that the ongoing search engine optimization process with its long-term effects can significantly improve seasonal business’ performance during peak season.

  • Seasonal traffic before and after cooperation – comparison November-December ‘20 vs November-December ‘19

  • Organic traffic in 2020 (cooperation started in May)

seasonal seo results

Organic traffic in 2021 – thanks to the strategy website starts to generate traffic earlier:

seasonal seo results case study

  • Organic traffic share and its impact on sales

2020 – organic traffic is 60% of the whole traffic and makes up for almost 60% of sales

seo for seasnoal business results

2021 – this year paid search joined organic traffic as the second main source of traffic

seo for seasnoal business results

  • Number of clicks, displays in google search results and average site position 2020-2021

visibility seo for seasonal business case study

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