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+4700% increase
in organic traffic

in 6 months

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Client Goals


Increase in organic traffic and revenue

The client asked us to help them increase organic traffic and sales. Since the Handmade Ornaments Store sells Christmas decorations, it generates sales only during the pre- and Christmas period. Having this in mind, we developed an SEO strategy to improve the general website performance, and attract searchers during the height of the season.

On-Site Strategy

Creating More Content for Homepage and Pages

Why we did it

Publishing a value-adding and keyword-rich content has a positive effect on the website performance. Without it, there is no chance for the website to attract a bigger number of visitors, nor to keep them engaged.

One of the main reasons for the website’s low rank was the insufficient amount of published content. Simply put, there was not enough text to rewrite in order to optimize the website for the most profitable keywords that would later contribute to visibility boost. Besides, the less content published on the website, the higher the risk of duplication.

To cope with this issue, we prepared suggestions and guidelines for writing blog posts, concerning the main theme of the website, which is Christmas decorations. We also provided the client with general recommendations concerning web content.

With time, the client’s team wrote and published keyword-rich and SEO-friendly content.

Our team was in charge of creating content for homepage and category pages.

Fixing and Expanding Internal Linking

Why we did it

Internal linking shows Googlebots the page hierarchy. It also helps the crawlers understand the website better, and therefore rank it higher. Also, this process has a positive effect on UX as it facilitates navigating through the website easily.

First thing we did to unlock the potential of internal linking was rewriting, hence improving, some of the category names and menu links.

We also focused on updating the website footer. Apart from the company’s name, it hadn’t offered any extra information for the visitors.

Our team categorized the links into sections (e.g. Social, Help & Support and Shop) for improved internal linking.

footer case study

Additionally, since the client was publishing more content on the company’s blog, we could use it to carry on with building the internal linking, and improving the link equity.

Building a Clear Heading Structure

Why we did it

Adding main keywords to a heading tag and placing it at the top of the page gives better SEO results. When optimized correctly, headings help the users (better UX) and crawlers understand the content of a page better.

Here, we had to create a clear heading structure, as the website didn’t have one. The main issue was that none of the categories or product pages had H2 headings.

This is how the homepage heading structure used to be build:

Homepage heading structure after optimization:

Correcting Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

Why we did it

To rise website ranks, the language used in title tags and meta descriptions must correspond both with the content and a domain name. When written correctly, these two elements have the potential to increase organic traffic and attract more customers to the website.

Title tags and meta descriptions for the category and product pages required necessary corrections. They weren’t optimized.

An example of the incorrect, meaning too general, title tags and meta descriptions:

This is how the optimized title tags and meta descriptions looks like:

Modifying Product and Category Names

Why we did it

Buyers not only avoid clicking on unknown items but they actually ignore them. For that reason, product and category names should be inclusive and highly specific. Also, whenever possible, such elements should include relevant keywords.

Product and category names were too general to attract the potential customers. These elements also didn’t contain specific keyword phrases, as a result they seemed to be too vague.

For example, the “ribbons” category – even if optimized correctly – wouldn’t be visible for potential buyers. Such a phrase is simply too general and doesn’t indicate its festive character.

We modified all of the product and category descriptions, saturating them with relevant keywords.

Here is an example of corrected “ribbon” category:

Building a Sitemap

Why we did it

Sitemap provides information for crawlers on pages a website is made up of. This in turn speeds up indexing and improves website rank.

Our audit revealed that the client’s website didn’t have a sitemap. We generated this critical element of on-page SEO and uploaded it to the Google Search Console. In this simple way we notified the crawlers that the client’s website is ready to be indexed and called out every time a searcher types a query concerning Christmas decorations.

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Off-Site Strategy

When we started working on the client’s website, its backlink profile was far from being described as strong. There were not enough domains that referred to the client’s website, improving the profile. We had to change that, and therefore followed our quality link building strategy.

After doing keyword research, we contacted the client in order to pick the most important keywords for the off-site process together. When the strategy was all set, we manually built referring links that brought the traffic to the homepage and subpages. For this process we used only relevant referring domains with high authority.

Domain parameters before improving the link profile:

Domain parameters after employing out off-site strategy:

Referring domains graph before improving the link profile:

Referring domains graph after employing out off-site strategy:


By adjusting the SEO strategy to the business profile, we succeeded in reaching the goals the client strived for. The results listed below prove that carrying out the continuous search engine optimization process delivers long-term effects. These, in turn, bore fruit during the height of the season. Here is what we achieved:

RESULT 1 Increase in seasonal traffic before and after introducing our SEO strategy: November/December 2020 vs. November/December 2019

RESULT 2 +4700% increase in organic traffic in 6 months

Organic traffic in January-December 2019 vs. January-December 2020

RESULT 3 60% increase in sales

In 2020 organic traffic made up to 60% of the web traffic, and in 60% contributes to the sales

In 2021 our client launched paid search, turning into the second main source of traffic

RESULT 4 Increase in clicks, impressions and average site position


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Our Awards

Award - Global Agency Awards 2022 Global Search Awards 2020 Award - Deloitte 2021 Award - IPMA Award - European eCommerce Awards 2022 Award - European Search Awards 2022 Award - US Search Awards 2021

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