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+1,427% organic traffic growth
in 24 months

eCommerce Kitchen Accessories SEO

Client Goals


Increase in organic traffic and revenue

VitaMoc needed an SEO strategy that would drive more organic traffic to their website, thereby increasing sales. This eCommerce store sells small kitchen appliances such as juicers, blenders and dehydrators. People buy such products to prepare juices and smoothies, which are mostly made from seasonal fruit and vegetables. Having this in mind, our SEO strategy involved creating content that would attract those looking for recipes and seasonal food inspirations.

SEO Team

VitaMoc used to be a small online store with the monthly organic traffic no higher than 500 views. Now it’s getting approx. 10,000 views per month! 🙂 No need to expand the range of products, just a good SEO strategy suffices to drive more customers to the store.

Milena Fietko
Milena Fietko SEO Strategy Manager

On-Site Strategy

Creating Content for the Homepage and Category Pages

Why we did it

Value-adding and keyword-rich content improves website performance in SERP. Without it, there is no chance for the website to attract a bigger number of visitors, nor to keep them engaged.

There wasn’t much text published on VitaMoc website. Homepage and category pages had zero content, which was one of the issues we had to handle first. Our copywriting team was in charge of filling the homepage and category pages with the relevant articles. This way we could work more keywords into the content, thus improving the website performance in search engine results.

There was yet another content-related issue we had to cope with. It was caused by the CMS the client had chosen for its online store – VitaMoc was built on PrestaShop. As we noticed, the dev team working on the website hadn’t changed the basic text settings. As a result, the text published on some of the pages was located right at the very top, pushing the product images way down. We fixed that, and added more topic-related content.

Here is an example of a page after the changes:

Main page content - case study

Adding H1s to the Homepage and Category Pages

Why we did it

Each page a website consists of should have a H1 heading. This element isn’t only one of the most notable pieces of content that attracts readers’ attention but it also informs Google bots about the main topic covered on a particular page.

Without content, there were no H1s either. In terms of SEO, the biggest problem that needed an immediate fix was the lack of the first-level heading on the homepage and category pages.

We added those missing SEO-sensitive elements. Here is the heading structure before we created the heading hierarchy:

Home page

Home page vitamoc - before optimization

Category pages

Category page headers - before optimization

Below the correct heading hierarchy:


Main page headers optimized

Category pages

Category page header - optimized

Creating a Company Blog

Why we did it

Running a company blog has numerous benefits, some of which include: driving more organic traffic to the website, building trust and reliability as well as encouraging engagement and conversions. Additionally, blog posts make a perfect place to expand the number of keywords a website is optimized for, so that it reaches to more users.

Topic-related content is worth its weight in gold. That’s why we suggested VitaMoc to start running a blog, publishing at least two posts a month. Blog topics were chosen on the basis of current keyword trends. For example:

  • in the fall, we wrote guides on mushroom dehydration
  • in the winter, we created recipes for warming winter juices and juices that help reduce cold
  • in the spring and summer, we wrote on the benefits of drinking fresh pressed juices

We used the blog posts to build internal linking. At the bottom of each blog post we also added a module with related products for improved cross-selling.

Below three examples of how given keyphrases improved the position of the VitaMoc website in SERP:

peanut butter blender

Example of keyword

hard veggie squeezer

Example of keyword position growth

how to dehydrate mushrooms in a food dehydrator

phrase how to dry mushrooms in a dryer

Replacing 302 Redirect with 301 Redirect

Why we did it

Whenever a new version of a page is created, the “old” page needs to take the users to its updated version. Using 301 redirect is the perfect way to make sure the visitors and search engines are always redirected to the right page/location.

Our audit revealed that the redirections were yet another element that contributed to the lowered ranks of VitaMoc website. Instead of 301 redirect, our client used 302 redirect. This had to be corrected because 302 redirect indicates a temporary location of a new page. This lowered the link equity, and therefore had a negative effect on search ranking.

This is how the redirection was handled before we started working on VitaMoc website:

Redirects for Vitamoc before the change

Here how it was corrected:

Redirects vitamoc after the change

Reducing the Amount of Duplicate Content

Why we did it

Duplicate content is when the same piece of writing is published on at least two pages. This confuses search engine robots as they don’t know which page should be displayed on the searcher’s screen. In extreme situations, duplicate content is categorized as spam. In both cases, the robots reduce the ranks of both pages, often choosing another website that matches the searchers query.

The level of duplicate content on VitaMoc website was too high. From what we learnt, the identical product descriptions were the culprits. However, instead of using plenty of time on paraphrasing these pieces of content, we decided to follow another approach – adding the blog posts to reduce the amount of duplicate content on the website. This plan worked as intended.

The amount of duplicated content before launching the company blog:

Internal duplication level at Vitamoc before optimization

The amount of duplicated content after running the company blog for a few months:

Internal duplication level at Vitamoc after optimization

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Off-Site Strategy

From the very beginning, we were strengthening the domain ranks by building referral links. The backlinks were placed on quality websites that cover similar topics as VitaMoc.

Here is the link profile before we started the off-site process for VitaMoc:

Backlinks Vitamoc - before cooperation

And the same link profile after 12 months:

Vitamoc - backlinks after seo process

Domain and page authority before we started optimizing VitaMoc:

Page authority from moz

Domain and page authority after we started optimizing VitaMoc:

Page authrity after seo process


RESULT 1 Significant increase in website visibility in search engines:

SEO ase study results - visibility of Vitamoc

RESULT 2 Increase in organic traffic as a result of addressing seasonal trends in blog posts – 75% of organic traffic is generated through the company blog.

For example, just one blog post concerning mushroom dehydration generated sudden traffic growth:

SEO ase study results - blog of Vitamoc

RESULT 3 1,427% increase in organic traffic

May 2020 vs May 2018

SEO ase study results - Search console of Vitamoc

RESULT 4 Increased sales

  • The total of three fall season months (September, October and November) sales value was 34% higher than the total of sales value of the remaining seven months (February-August).
  • After 6 months of doing search engine optimization for VitaMoc (February vs. September), there was a 289% increase in sales.
  • When comparing the results in sales January-May 2020 with January-May 2019, the revenue generated by the organic traffic noted a 511% increase.
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