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Case study - Vitamoc

Vitamoc is an online store with kitchen accessories – juicers, blenders and dehydrators. See how we are building traffic for seasonal products and increasing seasonal sales via a blog strategy.


Kitchen accessories




Monthly organic traffic


Traffic growth in May 2020 compared to May 2018

Organic income


Growth in January - May 2020, compared to January - May 2019


We started cooperating with Vitamoc in May 2018. The store is based on CMS PrestaShop, which gives great optimization possibilities. It is not a big store – it offers selected products only. At the beginning of the cooperation the site had over 40 indexed subpages, now it has over 90.

Quick facts:

  • CMS PrestaShop
  • Small store
  • Very high competitiveness of the industry
  • No content on the page


We decided to run SEO process for Vitamoc in a broad model using a large number of phrases consisting of several words. Our strategy is based on increasing the amount of content on the site by adding category descriptions and running a seasonal blog.

On-site process

The process started with an extensive site audit and keyword analysis that set the action plan for the following months. The site audit analyzed the current state of the domain and showed what changes should be implemented first of all and what challenges we will have to face.

Problem 1 – No content on landing page and category pages

There was no implemented content on the main page and categories. One of the reasons was the standard Presta setting, which puts a block of text at the top of the page and obscured what was most important in the store – the products. We moved the descriptions to the bottom of the page and added content on the main page and categories.

Main page content
Part of the content implementes on the main page

Problem 2 – No H1 headlines on the main page and categories

No content and no headers. The biggest problem was a lack of H1 headlines on the homepage and categories. We quickly resolved this issue and added H1 headings.


Main page:



Nagłówki na kategoriach przed zmianą


Main page:

Main page headers


Categories headers

Problem 3 – Lack of content on the site

Another big problem that somehow directed our SEO strategy on the right track was a lack of content on the page. We have recommended the implementation of a blog section on the site and to write 2 related articles per month. Blog topics are selected based on the season, for example:

  • in autumn we write about drying mushrooms,
  • in winter about warming juices and juices for colds,
  • when seasonal fruits appear, we focus on them

In the blog, we care about proper internal linking and we have added a module of related products.

The effects? Here are some examples of a few phrases that are matched to blog posts:

SEO phrases position
phrase: “peanut butter blender”
Keyword position change
phrase: “hard veggies squeezer”
Keywords - long tail seo
phrase: “how to dry mushrooms in a dryer”

Problem 4 – Redirection error

The Vitamoc website had a 302 redirect between versions with and without “www” in the address. A 302 redirect is a temporary redirect. We changed them to 301 redirects, i.e. permanent redirection.

Redirects before change:

Wrong redirects

Redirects after change:

Proper redirects

Problem 5 – A high level of internal duplication.

The page had a high level of internal duplication through duplicate product descriptions. We decided not to change the product descriptions, so the level of duplication is instead reduced by adding new content to the site. This is the intended side effect of writing a blog 😉


Duplicate content


Process off-site

From the beginning of a cooperation, we strengthen the domain by external linking. We add our links manually on carefully selected pages that have high domain authority. These include catalogues, forums, back-up pages and social media.

Backlinks profile before cooperation:

Ahrefs graph

Backlinks profile now:

Ahrefs backlinks growth

Domain authority before cooperation:

domain authority before cooperation

Domain authority now:

Domain authority


  • An increase in page visibility
    SEO visibility growth
  • Increased seasonal traffic thanks to properly selected topics on the blog (75% of the website traffic comes from the blog)
    • A blog post about drying mushrooms generated a large increase in website traffic in autumn 2019
  • And most importantly, it translated into sales. The sum of the value of sales in the 3 autumn months, from September to November, was 34% higher than the sum of the value of sales in the previous 7 months (February to August). Comparing sales results after half a year of cooperation (February vs. September), sales increased by 289%.
SEO Specialist’s Comment

Vitamoc is an example of cooperation, where the client wanted to resign but trusted our idea to focus website activity on content. We built a blog that performs great, chose a copywriter who creates the content from the very beginning. The key to this success is the proper selection of topics, catchy texts, and internal linking. From a micro shop that generated less than 500 views per month, without expanding the assortment, we managed to achieve about 10 thousand views per month! 🙂  

Milena Fietko Delante
Milena Fietko
Senior SEO Specialist

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