What Is ChatGPT? – Definition

ChatGPT is a Language Model (LM) developed by OpenAI (Microsoft is the main investor ), which is part of the GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) family of models. It is a sophisticated computer program that can generate human-like texts based on prompts – information or questions entered into it. ChatGPT is trained on huge amounts of text from websites, books, and other sources, so it is able to understand and generate text in a wide variety of areas in many languages.

The main use of ChatGPT is to communicate with people through text. It can be used to answer questions, give advice, generate content, create dialogues, and even as a problem-solving tool in various fields such as science, technology, medicine, and marketing. ChatGPT is being used in many industries to help people get information and solve problems with automatically generated textual content.

Keep in mind that these are young models and are currently in the learning stage – hence it’s a good idea to always check the correctness of their answers.

Is ChatGPT an AI or an LM?

ChatGPT is a model that can be described as both an artificial intelligence (AI) and a language model (LM), as it has features of both:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): ChatGPT is part of a family of AI models that are able to generate text and answer questions in a way that appears to be generated by a human. It works on the principle of machine learning and is capable of processing and generating text, which is one aspect of artificial intelligence.
  • Language model (LM): ChatGPT is also a language model because it is trained on massive amounts of text, allowing it to understand and generate natural language text. It is capable of analyzing the context of the input text and generating responses or content in an understandable way, which is a feature of language models.

Therefore, ChatGPT can be described as a language model operating within the framework of artificial intelligence.

It is a combination of both, enabling it to perform text generation and user communication tasks in a human-like manner.

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