What is CDN? – Definition

CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a distributed network, which is designed to provide quick transfer of Internet content.

For websites, Content Delivery Network is one of the easiest solutions to improve site speed by reducing the distance between servers and users. What’s more, it increases security and protects websites from DDoS attacks.

Major CDN Providers

What is CDN? Content delivery network definition

CDN in Practice

CDNs are often used to add libraries in order to improve their layout or make them more editable. As can be seen in the example below:

<script src=””> </script>

By adding the jQuery library via CDN, you can save the time needed to load web components, and additionally, your server is less loaded as the files are not located locally.

Content Delivery Network and SEO

Website speed is one of the major Google ranking factors. Faster page load time and better cyber-security are the elements that support SEO.

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