Banner blindness

What is Banner Blindness? – Definition

Banner blindness is a common phenomenon of ignoring advertisements on websites by users.

What Does Banner Blindness Result From?

As the internet was becoming more and more popular, advertisers began to see the power of online advertising. In the beginning, the banners were often animated with intense colors. Currently, Internet users, used to seeing numerous banners on the web, subconsciously know which elements of the websites contain advertisements (often with irrelevant content), and therefore ignore them.

Why users tend to ignore online ads? Mainly because they are aware that they are displayed in specific sections of the website, that their content is not topically related or adjusted to the target audience, or that its format is irritating.

banner blindness definition

How to Prevent Banner Blindness?


  • choose the most effective place for a banner ad,
  • choose ads topically related to the website.


  • interest recipients,
  • use remarketing ads,
  • identify the target audience accurately,
  • create banners to the highest standards,
  • use native ads – they adapt to websites on which they are displayed;
  • use responsive ads for mobile devices.

Despite the phenomenon of banner blindness, the research shows online advertising campaigns are effective. It has been proved that even though we consciously ignore banners, subconsciously we remember the brand.

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