Google Dance

What is Google Dance? – Definition

Google Dance is a term used to describe major changes in the keyword ranking in the search results within a short period of time. It takes place when, over several days, the positions of particular keywords jump from very low to high and inversely.

Google Dance most often related to new websites or those that are at the beginning of the SEO process. These sudden changes are aimed at determining how users react to a given site. If it has a high CTR, a low bounce rate, and the average time spent on a website is high, then the good ranking should remain stable. In this way, Google tries to properly evaluate and rank specific sites.

what is google dance

How to React to Google Dance?

Frequently changing keywords positions is a natural situation in the SEO process. Google Dance is a positive sign that Google is interested in a given website. When you observe such a situation, you shouldn’t take any additional steps but continue the planned workflow, constantly monitoring Google rankings and visibility in the search results.

The Initial Role of Google Dance

Initially, Google Dance referred to as a process that consisted of showing different search results for the same keywords. The reason for these variations were delays in updating data in individual data centers. Data update in DC varies in time and frequency. Consequently, users may receive different search results by entering the same keywords even from the same device in a short interval.

Since 2003, updates have been done on an ongoing basis by different types of crawlers, that is why the term Google Dance became out of date. Currently, the Google robots index new content on websites much faster, so changes in rankings can be observed on a daily basis.

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