What Hilltop is? – Definition

Hilltop is one of the search algorithms created by Krishna Bharat and George A. Mihăilă and adopted by Google in February 2003. It had the greatest impact on SEO in 2004.

The aim of this algorithm was to evaluate the sites in terms of quality and expert knowledge on the basis of the content and the number and quality of the links that lead to it.

How does this algorithm work?

The way the Hilltop algorithm works is based on a special database of expert sites, as well as on the analysis of links between these sites and other sites. Expert sites are all sites related to a given topic or issue searched for by the user. In most cases, they are sites that contain a large number of links to domains with a specific topic that are not linked to each other.

The purpose of this algorithm is to enable the user to find the most relevant results for given keywords.

After the introduction of the Hilltop algorithm it was noticed that links coming from .edu domains and links coming from large directories and with great authority transfer more power to the site. The Hilltop algorithm has influenced the direction of PageRank development and the evaluation of page authority now.

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