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What is Home Page? – Definition

Browser Home Page

Browser home page (also referred to as start page) is the first page users see when a web browser is launched. The most common start pages are news services and search engines (e.g., Google or Yahoo).

Often, users have a custom browser home page with a list of their favorite and the most visited websites. This solution is convenient and time-saving.

home page what is it

Website Home Page

The home page also refers to the main page of a website, which users see first when they enter a domain name, e.g. delante.co.

The home page is the most representative page of the site – it creates the first impression, which is why it should contain all the information about your brand, be visually pleasing, informative, and intuitive. For online stores, it is recommended to include on the home page a detailed description of services or products offered. The home page also facilitates navigation as it contains internal links to other pages within the site, such as categories, products, blog posts, etc. It should be intuitive, allowing users to quickly find relevant information such as:

  • contact,
  • company address,
  • pricing, etc.

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