Long Tail

What is Long Tail? – Definition

The long tail is a detailed keyword that consists of several words and precisely indicates the user’s needs. This strategy is used in economics and marketing, especially in e-commerce SEO.

The extended phrases searched by users result from their greater knowledge of the products or services they would like to choose. Such keywords are more precise, which means that potential customers find products and results that meet their expectations more easily. Long tail SEO also allows you to improve the number of conversions and their value on your website.

Example of Long Tail Keyword

Long Tail Keywords example

Let’s assume that you are planning to buy a watch. You turn on the search engine and what’s next? If you enter the word “watch”, then you will find products for women, men and children. Then, you can specify exactly what kind of watch you would like to order. The phrase “men’s watch” is already more detailed, but it is still not quite enough. If you are interested in a particular type of product, it’s best to describe it even more precisely. “Men’s watch brown leather strap” is an example of a long tail keyword, which is searched for by more demanding customers. When conducting research of long-tail keywords, Keyword Planner, a tool that helps in selecting keywords, may be useful.

If you want to learn more about long tail SEO, check out our article about it!

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