How to Find Keywords – Choosing the Right Keywords to Improve Your SEO

How to Find Keywords – Choosing the Right Keywords to Improve Your SEO
14 April 2020
Keywords are crucial when planning how to improve SEO. In fact, choosing the right keywords and keyword phrases is one of the first and most important steps in setting new digital marketing goals. So, asking how to find keywords is one of the things you should do for your business. Check the article and learn how!
If you create customer-facing content with the right keyword research in mind, you’ll take care of two jobs at once – creating handy content for your customers and clients, while optimizing your website for search engines such as Google. This is absolutely vital when we consider how search engines work. Remember, it might take time and research to choose the right keywords for your target audience, but the benefits are entirely worth it, and should fall under your wider SEO or digital marketing strategy. We also have a more in-depth account of the types of keywords in SEO you should consider. For some quick and simple tips on the best steps to take and apply right now, read on.

Think Like Your Customers

This could literally begin by asking yourself what you’d type into a search engine to find a particular product or piece of information. You can also conduct research online, invite customers to complete an online survey or arrange a social meeting or conference call with some of your friendlier clients. Customers are usually happy to share their needs and challenges, especially when you present it as research for helping them in the long run by offering them exactly what they need. At the same time, it’s worth considering ways to keep customers on your website.

Consider the Audience

If you work in a particular industry, chances are you’ll have a good grasp on common keywords, search terms and overall content. However, there’s no harm in looking for new angles. Remember, it’s not just about increasing website traffic, or trying several ways on how to find keywords; it’s about finding the right customers too. If you create content with your customers’ common queries in mind, you’re helping them, and yourself.

Research Competitors

Before you embark on what is most likely a content overhaul for your website and communications plan, take some time to research your competitors, which means their entire online presence from their website, to their blog, to their social media accounts. Not only could you find keywords that your competitors are specifically targeting, researching their online presence may give you ideas on specialist areas you’ve forgotten which might take a focus in your content plan. Keyword research falls under your SEO strategy

Keyword Research Tools

Take the time to explore keyword research tools, sometimes referred to as a keyword planner, as these can be an additional form of vital research. With the Google AdWords Keyword Tool, among others, you can analyze keyword trends, search volume, potential keyword costs (if you ever choose to advertise) and seek inspiration for similar, commonly searched phrases. Google’s Keyword Planner is a great resource to aid your organic searches and customer feedback. You’ll find many providers offer a free keyword tool, and you normally only pay if you choose to advertise using the targeted keywords. Also, we have a lot of experience in Google Ads and other systems, and will happily guide you through the process. A keyword planner can be your secret weapon.

Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords combine multiple words or phrases into an SEO win-win scenario, the effect of laser-like targeting. This, specifically, may not generate as much high traffic volume as generalized, shorter keywords, but long-tail is far more targeted and therefore a worthy addition to your content audit. It will yield more relevant visits, and is more cost-effective if you ever advertise since these long phrases are so specific. We’ve even dug deep into the advantages of long-tail SEO.

Be Social

It’s not all about your website and blog. Use your targeted keywords, both through a keyword planner or your own research, across customer newsletters, e-marketing and social media. These will still appear in many search engines and will consistently help improve SEO, not to mention your content will be seen as being relevant by your customers and online audience. In fact, there are many different ways you can drive traffic from your social media.

Evaluate and Improve SEO

Even if your newfound keywords earn great traffic, and we wish you every success on your journey, keyword data is constantly changing. It’s worth scheduling regular checks and research into the latest trending keywords, industry developments and tech or algorithm updates you can capitalize on. Never ask how to do SEO, as this suggests a completed task. Instead, always consider how to improve SEO, since it’s a constant evolution. Choosing the right keywords, in the very first instance, will set you on the right path. Evaluate your SEO performance and ask Delante for help if you need it

Need Help? Just Ask

We pride ourselves in taking all the SEO stress away from our clients if this is requested or educating customers on best practices if, at the same time, they want to really learn the ropes of digital marketing, especially when it comes to how to find keywords that fit your business. We offer a wide range of SEO and performance-based advertising services with our in-house team of experts. Whatever you need, we’re confident we have a solution which is right for you. Get in touch for a consultation to find out how we can help.
Mateusz Calik
Mateusz Calik

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