Placements In Facebook Ads

What are Placements in Facebook Ads? – Definition

Facebook Ads placements specify where you can run your advertising campaign. Facebook ads can be placed on 4 platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network. What’s more, you can also use location targeting in order to limit your placements on each platform.

Automatic vs. Manual Placements

Facebook Ads offers you to choose automatic placements or set them manually. Automatic placements are very often recommended as they allow you to place your ad on all the above-listed platforms. Here, however, Audience Network often generates the majority of impressions – a placement that doesn’t have high conversion rates.

Manual placements give you more control over where your ads are displayed. It’s best to use manual placements once you have discovered which platforms are most profitable for you and generate the most conversions.

Where Are Your Ads Displayed?

With Ads Manager, you can advertise in the following Facebook Ads placements:

  • Facebook: News Feed, Marketplace, video feeds, right column (for desktop users only), Stories, in-stream videos, search results, Instant Articles;
  • Instagram: feed, Stories, Explore;
  • Messenger: Stories, Inbox, sponsored messages;
  • Audience Network: native, banner, and interstitial or rewarded videos.
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