What is PLA in Google Ads? – Definition

PLAs (Product Listing Ads) are product campaigns that are intended to promote products from your offer and increase sales.

What does PLA look like?

A product listing ad shows the most essential product data: image, name, price and brand. Its main advantage is that the users know the details of your offer before they reach your website.

What Are Product Listing Ads Good For?

Product Listing Ads can improve your business. With PLAs, you can:

  • promote your products,
  • increase your reach – when displaying results in the search engine, your several product ads may appear together with text ads,
  • boost web traffic,
  • more accurately reach potential customers – a customer when clicking on an ad already knows the price and how the product looks, so he or she will more likely make a purchase.

product listing ads what are they

How to Create Your Product Listing Ad Campaign?

  1. Enter your product data in Google Merchant Center.
  2. Create a PLA campaign in Google Ads.
  3. If your Google Ads campaign is linked to the Google Merchant Center account, then all the data introduced in the first step will be automatically visible.

What’s more, a PLA campaign uses attributes from Google Merchant Center instead of keywords, making it visible in topic-related search results.

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