What is GTIN? – Definition

GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) is an element of a product feed. It is one of the required attributes intended to uniquely identify the product. Google requires it for new products with a GTIN assigned by the manufacturer. If you want to learn more about product feed attributes, check the Google Merchant Center Help article!

GTIN what is it

Where to Find GTIN?

Global Trade Item Number is used to uniquely identify trade items. This refers to products or services that can be priced, ordered and, above all, invoiced. Depending on your geographic location, your number may look a bit different.

For example, in Europe, it is a 13-digit number (EAN), whereas in North America – a 12-digit number (UPC). The well-known ISBN that you can find on every book is also a Global Trade Item Number.

GTIN and Google Ads

To run an ad in a Shopping campaign, first, you need to create a product file. It contains required and optional product specifications used by Google. This data ensures that your ad will be displayed to users. GTIN is the required attribute for all new products that have GTIN assigned by the manufacturer, however, when it comes to other products, this attribute is optional (but strongly recommended).

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