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What is Product Feed?- Definition

A product feed (also known as a data feed) is a file that specifies given products and contains all the relevant information about them. It can be, for example, a list of the product range available in an online store, providing their descriptions and attributes. It is an essential element when creating product advertising, e.g. Google Ads PLA campaigns. The most common format for saving a product file is .xml/csv. A product feed can be created in Google Spreadsheet documents.

What Does a Product Feed Contain?

If you want your product ads to be as effective as possible, you need to make sure that your product feed is properly maintained. A product feed should contain attributes, i.e. product data. These may include mandatory and optional attributes.

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Why Is It Worth Creating a Product Feed?

If you want to display your products in product ads and to systematically increase sales, you need to create a file without any errors which contain all the necessary attributes. A product feed is a way of communication between your store and your advertising platform.

Product Feed – Good Practices

Your product feed file must be as up-to-date as possible – make sure it is updated automatically and daily. This is the standard for most advertisers, so you can be sure that your current product ads are always consistent with your actual product range. There is nothing worse for e-commerce than a disappointed customer.

Complete as many attributes as you can. Do not concentrate only on the required ones. Any additional information about your product included in the product feed will give users a more complete picture of what you are selling. This way, they will not be disappointed, and you will also reach those customers who are interested in buying this particular product, in other words, you will spend your budget well.

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