What is rel=”ugc”? – Definition

So far, nofollow has been one of the most frequently used link attributes, which are used for links that shouldn’t contribute to rankings. However, on September 10, 2019, Google introduced two new attributes – rel=”ugc” and rel=”sponsored”.

Rel=”ugc” (user-generated content) is an attribute that indicates all links generated naturally by users, e.g. forum posts, blog comments, etc. In practice, this is to help reduce the number of spamming links on these channels. This change allows Google’s algorithms to interpret links more accurately, these attributes can also be considered as a ranking factor.

Rel ucg attribute - definition

How Will Google Rate Links with the UGC Attribute? Is It Worth Using Them?

These attributes help to analyze links in more detail and to better interpret them by Google. Links with this attribute will probably be most valuable if they are loaded with substantive content and come from real users, preferably heavily engaged in a given discussion. This may contribute to creating a natural linking profile.

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