Relative CTR

What is Relative CTR? – Definition

Relative CTR indicates the competitiveness of your ads. It is a percentage value that informs you how effective your ad is compared to competitors’ ads displayed on the same websites. This measure is adaptable as it depends on the sites where your ad appears and your competitors’ activities.

How to Calculate the Relative CTR?

Divide your click-through rate by the average click-through rate of all your competitors who are running Google ads impressions on the same websites as you.

Relative CTR definition

Where the Relative CTR Can Be Found?

Go to the campaign or ad group, enable the Columns tab, and in the Competition list find the relative CTR.

Relative CTR in Practice

Let’s assume you sell wired headphones. Your relative CTR of these ads in the display network is 1.2%, so your ads are 20% more effective (get more clicks) than the average click-through rate of your competitors’ ads.

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