What are Clicks? – Definition

Clicks are one of the metrics that can be found in the data analysis panel (Performance) in Google Search Console. They show the total number of clicks on the URL in Google search results (within a certain domain). In this tool, you will find information about the total number of clicks for all pages of your website (for the specified period):

What Are Clicks - definition

Additionally, using adequate filters, you can also check the number of clicks for a particular page, query (keyword), country, device (desktop, mobile or tablet) and specific dates. Note: the data provided by Google Search Console only applies to organic clicks and excludes clicks on Google Ads.

Clicks and Google Search Result Elements

The search results consist of various elements, such as images, carousels, AMP pages, featured snippets, etc. For each of them, the number of clicks (as well as the number of impressions) may differ. For example, when it comes to images, Google Search Console doesn’t consider clicks to expand a thumbnail image to be clicked. However, if a click on extended images takes users to a page, out of Google Search, then it is recognized as a click.  It is worth bearing this in mind when conducting a detailed analysis of the website.

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