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What is Google Search Console?- Definition

Google Search Console is a free-of-charge and widely used webmaster tool. It is one of the key tools for SEO and online marketing experts. This service, formerly known as Google Webmasters Tools, allows you to quickly and easily monitor website performance.

Search Console - what is it? definition

What Can Google Search Console Do?

The Search Console tool is multifunctional. It enables communication between the search engine, algorithms, and webmaster. The most important functions offered by this service include:

  • summary of organic traffic and impressions in the search results (with the possibility of customization of keywords, particular pages, etc.)
  • information about spam, viruses, Google filters, and hacker attacks,
  • submit and test a sitemap,
  • create and test a robots.txt file,
  • identify errors in the mobile version of a website,
  • recognize errors generated by a website (500 error, 404 error, etc.),
  • request page indexing and check indexing status,
  • check internal and external links.
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