Website Footer

What is Website Footer? – Definition

Footer is one of the main sections of a website. It is located at the very bottom and mostly includes: contact information (address, full name), logo, sitemap, links to social media profiles as well as a copyright notice. Content of the footer may differ depending on the website type. On blogs, in the footer, you may usually find popular categories and recent posts, which have a positive impact on internal linking.

How to Use the Website Footer Potential?

A website footer is a great place to enhance your brand and provide additional information to users and search engine robots. A good solution is to place links to your sitemap, FAQ section, and privacy policy. Remember that the visual aspect of the footer also matters, that is why it is worth to include your brand’s logo with the alt attribute.

When creating a footer, take into account user experience as well. Think about your visitors’ needs and consider what you as a user would like to find in the bottom section of every web page. When adding external links to your social media profiles, make sure you tag them with the nofollow attribute in order not to share the SEO value.

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