The Electronics Industry vs. SEO – How to Improve Your Visibility in Google?



The Electronics Industry vs. SEO – How to Improve Your Visibility in Google?d-tags
22 October 2019
Today, the electronics industry belongs to the circle of market sectors which develop impressively fast. It plays a more and more important role and the demand for various types of electronics is constantly growing. Manufacturers compete with each other to provide customers with the most advanced electronic devices and sellers always want to be the first to offer them. Keep reading and find out how to beat the competition with electronics industry SEO!



So, what actions should you take if your online store operates in the electronics industry? Can electronics SEO be helpful in reaching the top and improving your sales? If you want to find out the answers to these and many other questions, keep reading our today’s entry! ;)

The electronics industry - what does it look like and why is it different?

Actually, we’ve been observing rapid technological development and various changes in the electronics industry for many years now. Asian countries are the real driving force of this sector - they offer high-end technologies and solutions which gain popularity all over the world. To state the obvious, high demand for products translates into new orders, however, the competition in this sector is also quite numerous. The market is dominated by real tycoons who would do everything to attract as many potential customers as possible by means of advertising and outstanding offers. Unfortunately, this constitutes quite a problem for owners of smaller electronics stores who do everything in their power to gain popularity and become recognizable on the market. However, there is no need to worry - in such a situation, properly conducted SEO activities can be a real lifesaver for the small businesses.

The most popular electronics stores around the world

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Electronics Industry SEO - Why is it worth doing SEO for the electronics stores?

In the modern online world, everyday potential customers browse the Internet to find the most attractive product offers. The final decision as to where to place the order depends on numerous factors. Obviously, it’s worth knowing how to make your online store stand out from the strong competition on the market and how to improve traffic to your site. It’s impossible not to mention the huge potential of local markets where various SEO techniques and strategies help to make products easily accessible to a wide range of customers. The owners of online shops operating in this industry need to make sure that their websites are SEO-oriented. And we’re talking about both visual and technological aspects of your site. Correct URL addresses, titles, descriptions including important keywords, internal and external linking are just some of many elements that will help you to increase the visibility of the website. Moreover, a friendly and intuitive layout, responsive web design that enables browsing the offers and shopping on mobile devices will certainly attract users who appreciate transparency and convenience.

Electronics industry SEO in real life

Doing SEO for the electronics industry generally involves taking a broad approach. However, there are certain, fixed elements of the electronics SEO process that can be applied to various industries. In the case of the electronics sector, you need to focus on the precision of your actions which should be closely related to the type of products on your offer and your target group of customers. Both on-site and off-site activities will be key in increasing the visibility and sales of your online store.

Users - who are they and what are they searching for?

Online shoppers in the electronics industry (as in any other industry) can be divided into two types: uncertain searchers and prolific guessers. Usually, people searching for specific products are pretty determined to purchase them. All they need is information concerning payment methods or types and time of delivery. In such a situation, when doing electronics SEO, enrich your product descriptions with detailed phrases that would suit the users’ search queries. Your customers, like everyone else, simply appreciate efficient and accurate search results. On the other hand, users who aren’t 100% sure what they want to buy are using more general search phrases. Frequently, the research will start with finding the most suitable shop, and only then they’ll focus on products and details. Therefore, your list of keywords appropriate in the electronics SEO, should also include more general and competitive phrases that will additionally generate traffic to your website.

Offer presentation and product descriptions in the electronics industry SEO

Unique product descriptions are one of many methods of the electronics industry SEO that will allow you to stand out from the competition on the market. The content published on the website of your online store ought to educate, resolve any buyers’ dilemmas and help them to make decisions. This is particularly relevant in the case of electronic devices. And we aren’t talking only about some technical specifications which in most cases are full of incomprehensible parameters. Detailed descriptions clarifying the functioning of the device, its application, or a simple manual are generally the most requested information. By following this principle and combining it with creative SEO copywriting you can achieve really spectacular results. The top-notch content, different from the one offered by everyone around you, is appreciated not only by buyers. It plays a key role in electronics SEO, also from a technical point of view. Unique content is becoming more and more significant for Google and it can result in long-term benefits to your online store. Another important aspect is the fact that thanks to creating diverse descriptions you avoid internal duplicate content. The graphic design accompanying the offer is also very relevant in the case of electronics SEO- users generally choose products that suit their taste. High-quality photos, taken from different perspectives are another must-have if you want your devices to sell well. Obviously, you shouldn’t overdo it either, filters and other polishing techniques can make the customer feel simply deceived. Try to present not only appealing but also a real picture of your offer. increase online visibility with electronics seo

What attracts customers? Marketing techniques and tricks to use in the electronics industry SEO

If you decide to operate online in the electronics industry, you should know what affects the decision making of your potential customers. It turns out that a noticeable part of buyers pays particular attention to reviews and recommendations of other users. A rating system and a possibility to leave comments will inspire greater trust and authority in your online store. Nowadays, very frequently people use the technique of creating the image of an independent expert which is a very effective method used on the websites of online shops.  Extensive product descriptions are one thing but other content marketing activities will always be well-received not only by buyers but also by Google robots. An attractive industry-related blog with a ranking of products, trends, or news from the world of electronics will certainly attract a large number of recipients. A professional buyer’s guide can also be a good idea to boost your electronics SEO efforts. The assistance of specialists in comparing and selecting the right product speeds up the decision-making process and resolves any doubts. On the other hand, sharing your expertise helps to build the authority of your store and increases the trust level among customers. The knowledge base combining the most frequently asked questions and tips or tutorials is just one of the numerous possibilities that you can apply.

Other factors that affect your visibility in Google

As we’ve mentioned above, the high competitiveness of the electronics industry requires taking a broader approach to SEO. Apart from the typical technical SEO activities, you should also consider advertising, extra activity, and practical solutions that will certainly be noticed by the customers.

Social media and Google Ads

For some time now it’s been known that social media platforms are extremely powerful. They enable reaching many target groups and being active on the most popular social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or Twitter is crucial in the case of highly competitive industries. It’s also worth taking advantage of the sales potential of Google Ads campaigns. Customers carefully monitor changing offers, therefore, be up to date and try to reach them in different ways.

Secure shopping

Electronic devices are among the products that very often cost an arm and a leg. When you run an online store with this kind of gadget, you need to realize that security during shopping will be of utmost importance for the customers. HTTPS protocol, SSL certificate, transparent regulations, instant contact, and, above all, secure payment methods are the elements that online shop owners should pay special attention to. Consider the option of payment on delivery or in a brick and mortar store (if it exists). When dealing with large amounts of money, a noticeable part of online shoppers prefer to personally pay the seller only after receiving the products.

UI, UX, RWD, and other abbreviations

Regular buyers don’t care about the technology applied to create a shop's website or the server it uses. Users pay attention to the things they see and what they can do with them. Intuitive interface, comprehensible menu, call to action buttons and appropriate categorization make it easy for buyers to find what they are looking for. An online store providing thousands of products also needs to make sure that it offers a product search engine or filtering options. The possibility of displaying products with specific parameters in order to compare them is a great tribute to customers. What attracts shoppers, especially the younger ones, is also the mobile version of the shop's website. More and more users browse for products on tablets and smartphones, therefore, it’s good if you can boast with responsive web design that enables to properly display the content regardless of the used device.

Electronics SEO in real life - the case study of the Epstryk online store

In November 2016, a company from the lighting industry contacted us. The website of the store was rather big and could boast with quite decent traffic and good sales. But there was nothing to prevent it from improving the parameters and standing out from the competition on the market even more. We started our cooperation with a thorough analysis of the website followed by a comprehensive audit. As a result, we immediately realized which elements of the website required changes and SEO activities. We managed to introduce some improvements already at the audit stage. Next, we developed an on-site and off-site strategy, which turned out to be (and still is) very effective. We solved the problem of incorrect URLs, fixed errors on product pages, and optimized descriptions. The extensive link building process and all other activities performed outside the site visibly improved the domain authority. As a result, we managed to improve organic traffic to the site by 118% and sales by 71%. Our case study was qualified to the finals of the European Search Awards and to learn more about this example go to

Electronics industry SEO - case study epstrykConclusion

As you can see, doing SEO for the electronics industry isn’t infeasible or particularly difficult. To say the truth, it’s a must that can be very beneficial for your business. With a suitable approach to the key elements of the online store, we can improve traffic to the site and sales even multiple times. Ensuring that all technical and visual aspects of the website are taken care of is a very important aspect that influences the process of gaining new customers. Comprehensive SEO activities and effective content marketing are the cornerstones of this market sector.



  1. The market is dominated by real tycoons who would do everything to attract as many potential customers as possible by means of advertising and outstanding offers. Unfortunately, this constitutes quite a problem for owners of smaller electronics stores who do everything in their power to gain popularity and become recognizable on the market. However, there is no need to worry – in such a situation, properly conducted SEO activities can be a real lifesaver for the small businesses.

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