Free Digital Marketing Tools You Should Know! + [VIDEO]



Free Digital Marketing Tools You Should Know! + [VIDEO]
26 October 2023
In today's digital landscape, having the right tools at your disposal can make a world of difference in marketing success. I will explore a selection of user-friendly and cost-effective marketing tools, ranging from website redirection checkers and graphic design platforms to content creation and analysis resources. Discover how these tools can empower your marketing efforts!



Let’s talk about how to maximize your marketing efforts with free tools. In this article, I will explore some free tools that can help you boost your marketing efforts without breaking the bank.

Whether you are an aspiring marketer or a professional, these tools can help you step up your marketing game.

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Analytical Tools

The first group of tools, that you need to connect to your website, which are of course free, are Google Analytics 4 and Google Search Console. In Google Analytics, you can find information about your audience: how people reach your website, which websites and sub-pages are the first ones they visit, which are the last ones they visit, where the conversion happens, and how much time they spend on your website. These are only a couple of things you can find in GA4, and this tool is really powerful when it comes to marketing.

Don’t forget about Google Search Console. This tool is mostly used to boost your SEO efforts as it shows organic traffic and visibility in Google. SEO is really important for your website as around 70% of traffic globally comes from organic traffic. So, if you want to be more visible and have more customers visiting your website, SEO is something you should focus on.

In the Search Console, you will not only see how many people are coming to your website from organic sources, but also what keywords is your website displaying in the search results. You can also check how many times your website is displayed for certain keywords.

There is a saying that the best place to hide the corpse is the second page of Google. Right now, we don’t have pages in Google, instead, there’s infinite scroll but still, the further you are in the search engine result page the fewer clicks you get.

And I know that GA4 might seem like a mystery for you right now. Google Analytics Universal was something you got used to, but trust me you can learn how to use GA4. It gives you a lot of new information and will be very useful for you.

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If you want to get even more information, I would recommend you create Looker Studio reports. Looker Studio is also a free tool that collects data from different sources. You can create your own reports, or connect a report from GA4 and a spreadsheet. It’s really easy to create things like additional segments that are not available in GA4 or are more difficult to create than in Universal Analytics. You can also create your own reports for you, or for your clients in Looker Studio.

Another free tool that could be useful for analytics is Hotjar. Hotjar is a UX tool that will show you how people look at your website. You can find out where they click, how much they scroll,, if there are any dead clicks on your website, and which links actually are working for you. This can help you optimize your website for a better conversion rate.

Another two tools for technical analytics are Siteliner and Redirect Checker. Siteliner is a tool that will show you the duplicate content on your website. As you probably know, you shouldn’t have duplicate content on your website. Around 20% is okay, but if your content duplication level is higher, it can hurt your website.

The Redirect Checker tool helps you see if your website’s redirects are working correctly. The most powerful redirect is called a 301 redirect, which fully transfers your website’s strength. You should avoid using 302 redirects because they’re not permanent and don’t transfer your website’s power effectively.

Graphic Design Tools

Now, let’s talk about graphic design tools. Instead of the well-known Paint, we’ll look at more user-friendly options for making graphics. I suggest two tools: Canva and Visme. They have lots of templates and designs that make it easy to create graphics without worrying about the size. They even help you find ready-made graphics for things like Facebook or Instagram posts. If you need more advanced graphics, GIMP is a good choice. It’s like a free version of Photoshop, but it’s a bit harder to use.

Another handy tool is the Remove Background tool. You can upload a photo, and it will easily take out the background. The quality is good, but you might have to pay for more than one photo.

LunaPic is another tool for editing images. It’s great for making circular or other shaped crops.

In short, for graphic design, you can also use free stock images from places like Pexels, Pixabay, and Unsplash.

Other Tools You Might Find Useful

Now, let’s talk about other tools. First, there’s Chat GPT. It’s not just for making content; you can use it for keyword research and scripts. It makes creating content faster and easier.

Next, we have MailerLite, a tool for making marketing campaigns. It’s free for up to 1,000 subscribers and lets you send emails and manage your contacts. It’s good for simple campaigns, like newsletters and webinars.

Survey Monkey is a tool for making surveys. You might have filled out a survey made with it. It’s easy to use, and it’s free.

Make My Persona by HubSpot is a tool for creating your buyer persona. It’s simple to use, and it guides you through the process.

Lastly, there’s Grammarly, a tool that checks your spelling and punctuation. The premium version even helps you see how formal your text is.

These free marketing tools cover a lot of your needs, from analytics and design to communication and content creation. They’re easy to use and free. Some have paid versions, but the free ones are already pretty helpful.

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