Google Ads Policy Update: New Destination Requirements

Google Ads Policy Update: New Destination Requirements

Google Ads establishes new policy guidelines on the requirements concerning the destinations the ads direct the users to. Destinations that violate “Better Ads Standards” will be disapproved. Information on the rejected ads can be accessed in the Ad experience report.

Better Ads Standard

Coalition for Better Ads is an association of online media companies that, through involving their consumers in the research, develop and implement new global standards of online advertising.

One of their work outcomes is the creation of the “Better Ads Standard” norms. They define ads that don’t match the acceptance criteria of the viewers, pushing them towards installing programs like AdBlock.

Ads Causing Destination Disapproval

Destination will be rejected if the following ad types are detected on a website you target the Google Ads for:

  • all types of pop-up ads
  • auto-playing video ads with sound
  • ads that block access to the main content
  • prestitial ads, also those with a countdown to closing
  • floating ads that remain on the page while scrolling
  • ads occupying more than 30% of the screen
  • flashing animated ads

All information on each ad type that doesn’t comply with the latest standards can be accessed on Coalition for Better Ads.

If Google detects bad-user-experience ads on a website, the destination will be disapproved, meaning you won’t be able to target it with Google Ads.

How to Verify Destination

To make sure the destination won’t be disapproved due to the discompliance with the new ad standards, it’s advised to verify it today. To do so, you may consider using a Google tool – the Ad Experience Report.

How can you do it?

  1. Go to
  2. Select one of the available options: for desktop or mobile.
  3. Choose the website or app you want to verify.
  4. See if it complies with the latest standards.

automated bidding in google ads


Getting a destination disapproved is one of the most common causes of an interruption in displaying ads. The list of destination requirements is constantly expanding, and therefore we advise you to keep checking the latest updates.

If you run Google Ads, and there is a chance that some of the above ad types appear on your website or app, you should definitely verify the destination.

This way you may prevent interruption in displaying your Google campaign.

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