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Google Knowledge Panel. What Is It and Should You Get Oned-tags
02 June 2021
If you’ve ever performed a Google search, then chances are you will have encountered a Google Knowledge panel without realizing it. Keep reading to learn what actually is Google Knowledge Panel and how can it help with SEO!



What is a Google Knowledge Panel?

Google’s Knowledge Panel appears on the right-hand side of the screen during search queries. It displays information about anything from companies to music artists, collating various data drawn from all corners of the web. With a Google Knowledge Panel, searchers can access relevant information from a single location. Knowledge panels are used to highlight important details about a company, to give users a preview of information as a useful snapshot of events. Panels are rich results, incorporating text, images, and other information utilizing Google’s Knowledge Graph. google knowledge panel example

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Knowledge Panel?

With a Google Knowledge Panel, you’ll increase your online visibility dramatically. Once established within this corner of the Google search engine, you can differentiate from the competition by being more easily discoverable. Having a panel translates to more people being able to find you when they search for terms relevant to your business name. If your knowledge panel appears in a search result, you’ll be dominating that search result on the right side of a visitor’s computer screen. Mobile compatibility is prominent too, though your panel will appear somewhere between other results. It’s great to stand out in search results when people are conducting a specific search since this will translate to lots of clicks. With a knowledge panel, Google will provide users with the best results when searching for you or your brand name. Differentiate from the competition by being the first thing a customer sees when they search. Because the information displayed in your Google Knowledge Panel is framed and highlighted, the eyes of consumers will be immediately drawn to your information. This is extremely helpful because this will often translate to interesting leads. With instant access to information about your business, you’ll be primed and ready to convert leads into valuable customers. Overall, owning a Google Knowledge Panel will translate to superior value from an SEO perspective.

How to Get a Google Knowledge Panel

Google has the ultimate say in whether you receive a Knowledge Panel for your business. However, there are numerous things you can do to increase your odds of getting one, especially as a local business.

Local Panels

As a brand, obtaining a knowledge panel is a difficult prospect, one that’s practically out of your control. You can however boost your chances of getting a local panel for your business by opening a Google My Business account. By verifying you’re the owner of your business, you can add and edit all the relevant information necessary for consumers to get an overview of your offerings. You can incorporate things like opening hours, photos, address information, and more. Consequently, Google will determine whether or not to show your knowledge panel in search results. It will use factors like business prominence, distance, and relevance to work out whether you’re worthy of a knowledge panel. To boost your chances further, you should ensure your website is on a high-authority domain and is running efficiently.

Branded Panel

Google has an ultimate say over whether your business is deserving of a panel or not. If your brand is worthy and has enough authority, you’ll be privileged enough to receive one. It can take lots of time and effort, where success isn’t guaranteed, but often perseverance pays off. You’ll be rewarded with a panel if you’ve worked hard to establish your company and it’s in demand. increase your vsibility with google knowledge panel

What Else Can You Do to Increase Your Chances?

There are a few additional moves you can make to increase your chances of getting a Google Knowledge Panel:

Optimize Your SEO

It’s imperative that you appear within the first three or four search results when searching for your company name on Google. You can bolster your shot at accomplishing this by having interconnected social media profiles linking to your business. Create a Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin business profile to increase your visibility.

Create a Google Brand Account

With a Google Brand Account, you can connect multiple user accounts belonging to individuals that work for your organization. Your brand account will be unique to your company, where multiple stakeholders in your business will share administrative rights.

Incorporate Comprehensive Details

Once you’ve set up your brand account, you should update it with as much pertinent information as possible. Google evaluates the performance of the information you provide via your brand account and uses this to configure whether you’re deserving of a Knowledge Panel.

Submit Your Website to Google Search Console

In order to connect your brand’s website to your Google Brand Account, you should submit your website to Google Search Console. By doing so, Google can competently verify you are who you say you are, furthering your progress en route to receiving your own Google Knowledge Panel. Verification is an important part of the process, as you’ll learn below.

Do You Need to Verify the Panel?

Once you’ve obtained your local or more illustrious branded Google Knowledge Panel, it’s important to verify it. This can be accomplished by following the instructions outlined by Google in this article. Simply log into your Google account and sign in to one of your other business profiles to get verification. From here, you’ll have greater influence over the information included in your panel, where you can suggest changes and so forth. As you start to see information appear next to your brand on Google search results, you should be able to see an option to click on a link to the Google Knowledge Check form. If so, you might be asked to provide screenshots to verify your identity. Submit a selfie with your ID card and take screenshots of you signed in to your branded accounts and you’ll prove you are who you say you are. From this point, you’ll have various customization options at your leisure.


A knowledge panel is a fantastic business asset, one which will heighten your SEO prospects significantly. Do everything within your power to secure one, remembering factors like authority and visibility play a crucial role. Work on your branding and you’ll be one step closer to getting that elusive brand panel! A local panel is a great starting point, so remember don’t attempt to run before you can walk and embrace a long-term perspective.
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Delante is an online marketing agency specialized in generating website traffic from search engines and paid ads (SEO / SEM). Over 80% of our clients are from rapidly growing e-commerce industry.

Logo Delante

Delante is an online marketing agency specialized in generating website traffic from search engines and paid ads (SEO / SEM). Over 80% of our clients are from rapidly growing e-commerce industry.


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