Google Search Console’s Link Report Issues

Google Search Console’s Link Report Issues
02 August 2023
In July, many Google Search Console users noticed problems with the links report. The number of links has begun to decrease dramatically, and some reported that they even! Last week, John Muller of Google's team assured that the problem would be fixed. Is this problem really significant?

Dramatic Drops in Links Report

In July, many users were alarmed by the fact that the number of links displayed in the Google Search Console report dropped sharply overnight. They began reporting the problem on the Twitter along with screenshots showing the reason for their concern.

For many sites, the tool initially showed several thousand links, but in just a few days the numbers dropped significantly. Many users also claimed that the number of links in the report has dropped to… zero! How did the US giant respond to this?

Google Has Confirmed the Problem

After users reported the problem, John Muller denied that the link report in Google Search Console was working incorrectly and insisted that everything looked stable. However, just three days later, on Monday, July 24, he admitted that the team had, indeed, discovered that such a problem existed and had taken care of it.


Should You Worry?

Although such a huge drop in the number of links in the Google Search Console report has alarmed many users, in fact, it is insignificant when it comes to the position in the search results or the site’s traffic. However, everyone is concerned about the stability and correctness of the data in the reports, so we hope that Google’s team will fix this problem quickly.

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