How Can You Increase Revenue in Q4 – Tips from Delante’s Specialists

How Can You Increase Revenue in Q4 – Tips from Delante’s Specialists
15 November 2022
Q4 is a time of great revenue increase thanks to Black Friday and Christmas. It won’t magically happen though, you need to make sure your business is ready for this time of shopping spree. Tips from Delante’s specialists will help you get the most out of this season!

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Tips to Increase Your Revenue in Q4 from Delante’s Specialists

The holiday season is a time of increased shopping so it’s a great opportunity for every business owner who knows how to cease this occasion. This is the final moment to make this happen as we’re fast approaching the busiest shopping period of the year.

What should you do to get the best out of it?

You might think it’s a little too late for that since Q4 has already started. But the truth is, it’s never too late to make an effort and attract more customers to your business with a well-thought-out strategy.

Thanks to tips from our specialist you’ll be able to boost your revenue and use this opportunity to the fullest. Thanks to SEO, SEM, and marketing efforts combined you can achieve great results at the end of the year!

According to Think with Google, this will be the longest holiday shopping season yet and shoppers will use multiple channels to finalize their purchases.

Make sure you prepare your shop to adjust to your potential client’s needs.

According to a DHL study, up to 97%  of European shoppers pay attention to delivery options and they’re ready to give up on a purchase if they can’t find their preferred option.

What does it mean for you?

Make sure you include different delivery options if you don’t want to drive your customers away. 75% of customers abandoned their carts in 2022 because their favorite delivery option was not available.

Keep reading to find out how you can satisfy your clients and boost your revenue!

SEO Tips to Increase Your Revenue in Q4

As you can probably guess, SEO will play a big part in increasing your revenue. After all, your future customers have to discover your products and services somehow.

Usually, SEO takes time to show results, so it’s too late for a full-scope SEO strategy. Nevertheless, you can still use SEO tactics to improve your website.

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One of the things you can do to prepare your store for the holiday shopping spree is to make sure it’s secure. The SSL certificate is a must these days – you don’t want your potential clients to wonder whether entering your website is safe. If they have any doubts they’ll turn to your competition.

Wojciecj Urban Delante
Wojciech Urban
SEO Specialist
Expert Comment

If your store is very popular and you are preparing promotions that may result in an influx of new users – take care of a stable, high-speed server that will help seamlessly handle a large number of requests (some hosting offer temporary increases in bandwidth limits). Make sure you have enough products and manpower -there’s a reason why Amazon and delivery companies recruit extra staff for Q4.

Damian Hliwa Delante
Damian Hliwa
SEO Specialist

Even though mobile shopping is really popular these days, most European shoppers still prefer good old desktops. Of course, it differs when it comes to specific countries and age groups but it’s a clear sign you shouldn’t focus solely on mobile.

Across Europe, we discovered older shoppers preferred to use their laptops and younger ones preferred smartphones. Laptops are more popular overall. – DHL Shopper Report

Make sure your shop works well both on desktop and mobile. Shoppers like to switch between devices, browsing on mobile and then finalizing their purchase on desktop.

One of the most important things for your potential customers is a good user experience and a smooth path to conversion. No one wants to waste their time wondering where to find certain products or how to make a purchase – this should be an easy and intuitive process.

According to Damian, SEO Specialist at Delante, if you have any doubts regarding the UX of your website, it’s worth considering getting a quick checkup from a specialist:

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You could try commissioning a quick UX/conversion path analysis from someone outside the company. It’s always good to have a fresh set of eyes to take a look at your store and the purchase path. They might help you pick out stumbling blocks, and points that might hinder a user’s ability to finalize or discourage a purchase.

Damian Hliwa Delante
Damian Hliwa
SEO Specialist

Marketing Tips to Increase Your Revenue in Q4

Make sure you prepare a good deal that will catch your potential client’s eye. This time of the year consumers focus on getting the best deals possible, and according to Google it’s even more important this year than ever:

Deals are particularly top of mind this year: Among Americans planning to shop for the holidays, 43% are planning to look for deals and sales more than last year. – Source: Google commissioned Ipsos Consumer Continuous, 2022.

Jump on the news features presented by Google to make your promotions and coupons more visible. It’s a great way for customers to spot discounted products!


Highlight your offers to ensure greater traffic to your store. Customers shouldn’t wonder what’s the best deal – they need to know it’s yours, so don’t be shy about it.

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If you’re offering large discounts make sure you’re loud and clear about it. Use different channels like social media, ads, etc. During this time people are on a hunt for good promotions, so don’t be shy about it. For luxury items, discounts should be expressed in a specific amount, and other products in a percentage. Keep in mind that, if you’re offering below 10-15% discounts you won’t be very competitive.

Damian Hliwa Delante
Damian Hliwa
SEO Specialist

New features will help you make your products stand out from the competition but when it comes to a marketing strategy, try and tested methods will be the best this time of the year.

Leave experimenting to the less busy times. According to Kasia, Delante’s marketing team leader, analyzing activities that brought the biggest return and intensifying them is the best strategy to ensure revenue growth.

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I am a huge fan of testing and growth marketing but Q4 is not the time for experiments. If you want to increase revenue before the end of the year then definitely focus on analyzing previous activities.

First of all, analyze what brought you the most conversions in previous quarters. If there is something that clearly stands out – check if you can intensify it or increase those efforts. E.g. if you see that a guest post brought you conversions – consider where else you can publish a similar post. If something doesn’t bring you conversions you can stop these activities for 2 months and flip the budget to temporarily refine what works.

Kasia Zielosko Delante
Kasia Zielosko
Marketing Team Leader

SEM Tips to Increase Your Revenue in Q4

Especially in the holiday season, ads are really effective to draw attention to your offers. Make sure you keep up with the competition and create ads showcasing your great products and discounts.

Aga, the SEM Specialist at Delante recommends starting your campaigns early:

Expert Comment

Start your ad campaigns in advance – people are looking for gifts through October-December, so it makes sense to build an audience base before your competitors do. Promotional campaigns should be tailored to holiday offers and present on multiple platforms – the more points of contact a potential customer has with the brand, the better.

Reach people who don’t know your brand with your message on multiple levels: contextually (display on sites with similar themes) or behaviorally (by interests, searches, and demographics) and through remarketing – by website users, customer lists, people interacting with your profile on Facebook or Instagram – depending on the advertising system.

Agnieszka Glińska Delante
Agnieszka Glińska
SEM Specialist

As you can probably guess, the holiday season is a time of increased ad activity. You can’t afford to fall behind your competition so you should increase your ad budget and concentrate on improving your visibility. Promoting your products is the most important task but don’t forget about putting forward your “best gifts guide” articles to attract people searching for inspiration.

While creating your Google Ads get back to basics and conduct keyword research focusing on holiday and present-related ones. Your ads should lead to a dedicated landing page – it will increase responsiveness. There’s nothing worse than clicking on an ad and instead of seeing a specific product we’re interested in we’re redirected to a generic main page.

The Best Way to Increase Revenue in Q4

To get the best results you should combine SEO, SEM, and marketing efforts. Only this way you can increase your visibility and traffic, and thus your revenue.

The holiday season provides a great opportunity for businesses that know how to cease it. Even though Q4 already started you still have a chance to get the most out of it, if you only plan it right.

If you need help preparing for the busiest shopping time, contact us! Our specialist will make sure your store is ready, so you can benefit from increased revenue!

Ania Żur

Junior Marketing Specialist

Absolwentka Studiów Dalekowschodnich i Zarządzania Reklamą i Mediami na Uniwersytecie Jagiellońskim. Do Delante dołączyła w 2021 roku, gdzie rozwija się jako Junior Marketing Specialist. W wolnym czasie udziela korepetycji z języka japońskiego, dużo czyta i podróżuje po świecie. Interesuje się content marketingiem, japońską kulturą i sztuką oraz geopolityką.

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