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02 December 2019
A few more weeks to go, and we are welcoming the new year! What are your plans and goals for your business in 2020? Are you ready for the changes and opportunities the new year will bring? Anyhow, I know that you’d like to get more traffic to your website and higher conversion for your business - that’s why you’re reading this blog post.



So, today, we will share some of the essential points on how SEO helps your business. Make sure that you read every section of this blog and apply whatever you may learn to get a headstart for the coming year. Let’s get started!

Here are 7 Ways on How SEO Helps Your Business in 2020:

  1. Increases Organic Traffic
  2. Strengthens Business Credibility
  3. Improves User’s Experience
  4. Helps Targeting & Engaging the Local Audience
  5. Helps Get More Clicks
  6. Brings Long-Lasting Results
  7. Dominates Voice Search
Now, before we dig deeper into how SEO affects your business, let’s make sure that we get it well-defined.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your web pages to get organic traffic by ranking on the first page of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). SEO consists of two major branches: on-page SEO and off-page SEO. The process is often an extensive method that requires time and team-effort to keep up with the algorithm changes and best practices needed for the search engines, especially Google. However, once you are consistent with your Search Engine Optimization best practices, you will surely reap long-term rewards for your business, such as ranking on top of your competitors, not to mention being on the first spot of the search results. Plus, getting all the clicks from your ideal customers which will help you increase online store traffic, and most importantly, increase conversions. Now, let’s talk about how SEO helps your business.

1. SEO Increases the Organic Traffic to Your Online Store

Unlike most digital marketing strategies, Search Engine Optimization targets audiences organically. So, you don’t have to pay for advertisements just to get the visibility and clicks that you want to get from your ideal customers. SEO, however, requires you to produce high-quality content every time you create a web page or a blog post. You also need to make sure that your website loads fast as your visitor clicks through your site. Basically, as you keep publishing useful content optimized for SEO, you will gain more organic traffic over time. That traffic will eventually lead to higher conversions, mainly if you craft your offer and copy excellently.

2. SEO Strengthens the Credibility of Your Business

We all know that building trust and credibility for your brand does not happen overnight. So does reaping the rewards of a strategic SEO, which is similar to building authority for your website in your industry. You see, the goal of a great SEO strategy is to rank and stay on top of the SERPs by building a secure foundation for a good website with neat and efficient user experience, and by adding credible and trustworthy digital properties or content. Now, remember that there are plenty of factors involved in establishing an authoritative website in search engines, especially Google. The most common factors include: Always remember that establishing your business credibility and brand authority will take time, commitment, patience, and a whole lot of effort (including SEO), on top of offering your customers good quality products, valuable offers, and excellent customer service - factors that influence a customer to trust a brand.

3. SEO Improves Your Users’ Experience

Now that you own a website and as a web searcher yourself, you should know that excellent user experience is the way to go to achieve maximum search visibility and organic rankings. Google, the leading search engine in the world wide web, has a way of interpreting a good or bad user experience. So, a positive user experience is an essential element to the success of your website. Customers know what they want when they type in a few keywords in the search engines. If they don’t find it on your website, they’re not going to click further, and they will leave immediately - this is commonly known as the bounce rate, which is something you need to keep an eye on when checking for one of your web page’s performance. Did you notice how Google is becoming more like an “answer engine” instead of a search engine? When you type a query, it will most likely provide the sought-after data directly on the SERPs for the purpose of giving users the information they need easily and quickly - the snippets will then serve as “bait” information to attract users to click on your website. Therefore, a great SEO strategy helps build an excellent user experience so it can work in favor of your brand.

4. SEO Helps You Target & Engage with Local Audience

If you have physical shops located in different areas, local searches can be a fundamental part of your brand’s success, especially in the mid of a rising and growing mobile traffic. So, your local SEO strategy will optimize your web pages for specific locations or vicinities to help people find you easily and quickly, gaining their business instead of losing them to competitors nearby. Local SEO - how SEO helps your business The goal of your local SEO strategy should be to establish an effective way for your business to reach ideal customers on a local level by focusing on people who live or do research in specific states, towns, regions, and cities. You can do this by optimizing your website content - include local citations and gain backlinks from local listings.

5. SEO Helps You Win the Clicks

You may already know that if your web pages don’t appear on the first page of the SERPs, you won’t win the organic traffic or clicks from your ideal customers. One study has revealed that 71% of search traffic clicks go to the results on the first page of Google. This means that if you’re not on the first page, don’t expect people to flock to your website. So, make sure that you are consistent with your SEO best practices in 2020 to keep your spot on the first page and to keep your target customers clicking through your website.

6. SEO Brings More Long-Lasting Results

Unlike traditional marketing methods such as outdoor ads, print ads, and half-a-minute spots on popular radio channels, your SEO marketing efforts are not bound by time. So, SEO does not only generate results for your business in a certain time frame but also for the long run, as long as you are consistent with keeping your website visible on the first page of the SERPs. The best thing is that you have little to no advertising dollars to lose! Because SEO lets you leverage the evergreen nature of the Internet while keeping you in the forefront. And as long as you are doing everything necessary to stand out among your sea of competitors, SEO will bring you long-lasting results. This is especially true when interest in your industry-related topics grows as time goes by. So, more and more ideal customers will find your website in the SERPs.

7. SEO Helps You Dominate Voice Search

The voice search revolution is happening. People around the world are using devices that assist them through voice commands, and most importantly, these people now use voice search to look up things online. Have you ever tried your Google Assistant? Siri? Alexa? how SEO affects your business - helps dominate voice search One search statistics predicted that by 2020, voice search would comprise 50% of all searches around the world. So, it's high time for you to optimize your website’s content to cater to voice searches. You can start by targeting the long-tail keywords that are products of voice searches - you can also leverage the People Also Ask section on Google search results when you type a certain keyword. Or use online tools such as Answer The Public and Google Trends to keep up to date with what people are asking their devices that are related to your business or industry.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how SEO helps your business, especially in 2020, keep in mind that your competitors are also growing and might be brewing an excellent SEO plan as well. So, be consistent with your SEO best practices and keep updating your content as well as improving the user experience of your website. Also, how SEO affects your business is often determined by how great your SEO team is. Yes, if you want to save more time and money in the long run, talk to the SEO experts.
Mateusz Calik
Mateusz Calik


Managing Partner, has been building Delante since 2014. Responsible for international SEO strategies. He has a strong analytical approach to online marketing backed by more than 12 years of experience. Previously associated with the IT industry, as well as the automotive, tobacco, and financial markets. Has experience in creating scaled processes based on agile methodologies.

Mateusz Calik
Mateusz Calik


Managing Partner, has been building Delante since 2014. Responsible for international SEO strategies. He has a strong analytical approach to online marketing backed by more than 12 years of experience. Previously associated with the IT industry, as well as the automotive, tobacco, and financial markets. Has experience in creating scaled processes based on agile methodologies.

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