How to Increase Online Store Traffic on Your Own?



How to Increase Online Store Traffic on Your Own?d-tags
25 September 2020
You’re slowly running out of money and your conversion rate still isn’t increasing? Keep reading our today’s article to learn about free and budget solutions that will help you increase your online store traffic which translates directly into your company’s revenues and turnover. How to make even more internet passers-by enter your store and finalize their transactions? Check out our profound list of A to Z tips for online store owners!



How to increase online store traffic?

Blog posts and guides

Content marketing comprises a set of key activities that support the SEO process of every online store. Although properly managed company blogs, ebooks, guides, webinars, online video conferences, newsletters, and email marketing require a great deal of work, they may become a long term investment that will allow you to create your own bank of phrases and keywords. A company podcast or a YouTube channel where you share the most useful pieces of advice can become similar support of your SEO activities.


Big names equal big money. Nevertheless, it may turn out that 1000 influencers with 1000 followers each can be more valuable than one big Instagram fish. People appreciate honest feedback from their social media friends. Moreover, the so-called barter cooperation is very frequently a free form of advertising in exchange for your products. [caption id="attachment_30819" align="aligncenter" width="750"]Influencer banks - new way to increase traffic The increasing popularity and value of micro-influencers led to the emergence of contact banks and agencies specializing in sourcing social media users with small, yet faithful and trusted followers. One example is Heepsy.[/caption]

Customer reviews and ratings

Each customer review is a piece of unique user-generated content that supports the SEO process, creates natural long-tail keywords and helps to reach better Google positions. [caption id="attachment_30821" align="aligncenter" width="750"]Customer reviews Every review and comment constitutes exceptional website content. This is your property so don’t give up too easily. Beware of portals like Disqus - they make it easier to add a widget with comments on your website but such reviews won't support the SEO process of your website.[/caption]

SEO friendly category, subcategory, and product pages

SEO friendly product descriptions, meta tags, correct URLs and links, tags, proper header, and title structures, FAQ or Q&A sections covering the most frequently asked questions, internal linking, getting rid of non-functional or non-existent pages #error_404 - this and many more will help you improve positions of your product pages. Don’t use descriptions and photos provided by manufacturers. Quality and SEO friendly content matters.

Recommender systems

Can every customer become a potential seller of your brand? Of course! It’s not about creating MLM but about recommender systems where customers get discounts and vouchers for inviting and persuading friends or followers to buy a given product or service. So, in a nutshell, you, as a recommending person, earn, and the people you recommend the products and services to save. Increase organic traffic on your website with Delante

Wish lists with a pinch of remarketing

Do you happen to use wish lists? You can add their products you will want to buy or need in the future. Well, you’re not alone. Many online stores around the globe deployed similar solutions to keep the potential customers at least at this stage of the sales funnel. Thanks to the fact that website visitors add products to their shopping wish lists, you can easily reach them once again with the use of targeted remarketing activities such as mailing or Facebook / Instagram / Google Ads. Your ads and emails will display exactly the same products your potential customers added to the wish list. This is a very friendly reminder, isn’t it? Remarketing is one of the most affordable and effective forms of online paid ads.

Selling and advertising products outside the online store

Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping - offering your products on these sites can significantly increase your conversion rate and the number of users visiting your store. The costs are high because the platforms take commissions (except for free Google Shopping). However, inserting a small gift or a discount code to the package is a great way to encourage users to set up an account in your store and maybe additional incentives that will help you win new customers. [caption id="attachment_30823" align="aligncenter" width="750"]How to increase online sales - selling outside the e-commerce More and more Internet users start their purchasing adventure in Google Shopping. Don’t forget about this distribution channel while advertising your product range.[/caption]

Social media

Posts, contests, or infographics with appropriate tags and hashtags can attract valuable traffic to your website and present your products in a completely new light. Running a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn account will help you reach new potential customers who would probably never encounter your store otherwise. Moreover, it’ll also support your cross- and up-selling strategies. Aesthetic and appealing social media profiles encourage people to visit online stores, just like attractive window displays do in the case of traditional shops. Don’t forget about Instagram and Facebook Store. Tagging products in the photos is a significant facilitator for Internet users. After all, the fewer clicks needed to finalize the transaction and the more social media links redirecting to your store, the better. [caption id="attachment_29883" align="aligncenter" width="750"]Social media - increasing the website traffic Beautifully run Instagram profiles are a domain of companies dealing with interior design. The Westwing's profile definitely makes you think, "I want my home to look like this", doesn't it?[/caption]

Google My Business listing

Google Maps is a huge support for local online stores. After all, many customers may wish to order goods and collect them personally on the same day. This is your chance. A well-managed Google My Business listing with up-to-date data, posts, and information about special offers can increase sales of your company. What's important, the service is free, so don't be fooled. Moreover, reviews posted by local shoppers will certainly improve the credibility of your brand. If you want to learn how to get more positive Google reviews, go to our previous entry.

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Quora entries

Do you know that Internet forums still exist? Although for the Millennials they’re probably a closed book, it’s worth remembering about this option. Various Facebook and LinkedIn groups are a perfect, modern equivalent of vintage and old school forums. And we probably don’t need to mention Quora which is one big global forum. Google Alerts - how to make my web traffic bigger Free Google Alerts will help you search for online entries and articles mentioning specific keywords. Consequently, it’ll be much easier for you to find a place in the online world where you can write about your products in a classy way and in an appropriate context.

More organic online store traffic

There are numerous ways to increase the number of users visiting your store. Remember that the fight for the TOP 10 Google positions hasn’t finished yet and you should do your best to win it. Better positions in the search results mean more organic traffic and more conversions which ultimately translate into greater revenues of a company. It sounds promising, doesn’t it? So don’t wait and get down to work! If you’re just taking your first steps in e-commerce, we hope you’ll love the journey! Moreover it will definitelly increase your online sales!
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Delante is an online marketing agency specialized in generating website traffic from search engines and paid ads (SEO / SEM). Over 80% of our clients are from rapidly growing e-commerce industry.

Logo Delante

Delante is an online marketing agency specialized in generating website traffic from search engines and paid ads (SEO / SEM). Over 80% of our clients are from rapidly growing e-commerce industry.

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