6 Tactical Tips on How to Optimize a Press Release for SEO



6 Tactical Tips on How to Optimize a Press Release for SEO
26 September 2023
PR isn't just about grabbing attention; it's a useful way to improve your search results. How's that? When done right, press releases can help you get valuable backlinks. So, let’s see how to optimize your next press release for SEO. Whether you run an online business or handle digital marketing, these tips will help you attract more eyeballs to your content.



Have you ever thought about using PR to help your website rank higher on search engines like Google? Or, to put it differently, have you ever considered using PR as a form of one of the link building strategies?

Just think about it. Both PR and SEO aim to create valuable and unique content that catches people’s attention, right?

Once the attention is caught, and the content or information in the press release is noteworthy, PR experts will publish it on relevant and often authoritative websites. So, if your content happens to be this worth-sharing-press-release, it’s going to be put on a reputable website, ultimately promoting your online presence and visibility among your target audience.

And the best bit is that PR specialists often use a strategy called “free press releases,” which means there are no direct costs associated with being mentioned or featured on various platforms and websites. Simply put, when your press release is shared on a reputable website, you gain valuable exposure and backlinks without spending a buck.

You know what’s even better? Such backlinks are gained naturally, which is the only approved method by search engines for building them. When you practice SEO by the rules, you avoid raising any red flags and, as a result, increase your likelihood of achieving a higher ranking.

So, here’s how PR can be your friend in SEO, helping your website rank higher, saving you money, and making your backlinks look legit. Such a digital PR link building strategy not only brings more visitors to your website but also makes your content more valuable.

Does It Make Sense to Optimize Every Press Release for SEO?

Well, it depends on how long your content stays relevant. If you’re sharing some breaking news that will quickly lose its importance, investing a lot of SEO effort might not be worth it.

💡 Imagine you run an online electronics store, and you’re planning a weekend sale on the latest smartphones. This promotion is exciting, but it’s brief – it only lasts for a couple of days. Since it’s a short-lived event, spending time optimizing this press release for search engines may not pay you off, simply.

📌 But here’s a tip for you – even for these short-lived pieces, it’s always a good idea to use some important keywords related to your business. Why? Because it helps search engines connect your brand with those keywords. This little trick can boost your website’s trustworthiness in the eyes of search algorithms, especially if these keywords pop up in reputable media outlets.

Adding the right keywords for such a short-lived press release has yet another advantage – brand exposure. Just think about it. If you include keywords like “smartphone flash sale,” limited-time electronics deals,” and your store’s name in your press release, you make sure that when potential customers search for quick deals on smartphones during the given weekend, your press release can appear in their search results, driving more traffic to your online store.

So, in conclusion, while you may not need a full-scale SEO strategy for every press release, integrating relevant keywords can still

  • help your brand get noticed by individuals actively seeking time-sensitive offers as well as
  • help search engines connect your brand with the keywords you want to rank for.

6 Tips on How to Optimize a Press Release for SEO

Interestingly, or rather paradoxically, you need to make sure that your press release appeals first and foremost to humans rather than to search engines. Why’s that?

The answer is simple: If you don’t manage to capture the attention of real people, your press release won’t be published anywhere. Result? All your hard work goes to waste. What a bummer.

Here are 4 key PR in SEO suggestions that can help you increase your chances of your press release being featured on some reputable websites:

Press Release Optimization for Humans Tip #1: Choose an engaging and timely topic
Start by selecting a topic that’s interesting and relevant to your audience. Timeliness matters, so consider current events or trends in your industry.

💡 Example: You run an e-commerce store selling fitness gear, and you’re launching a new line of smart fitness trackers. Your press release topic should be engaging and relevant, like “Revolutionize Your Workouts with Cutting-Edge Fitness Trackers.”

Press Release Optimization for Humans Tip #2: Write valuable content + use multimedia
Ensure that your press release offers valuable information. Use multimedia elements like images or videos to make it more engaging.

💡 Example: Add videos and high-quality product photos showing your new fitness trackers. Don’t forget to include all the important pieces of information that fitness freaks want to know about such gadgets such as battery life, vitals it measures, and integration with other devices.

Press Release Optimization for Humans Tip #3: Make sure your press release is easy to share
Journalists appreciate press releases that are easy to work with. Format yours in a way that allows them to copy and paste relevant information effortlessly.

Press Release Optimization for Humans Tip #4: Target the right outlets
Simply, send your press release to media outlets and journalists who cover your industry. In the best-case scenario, you already have a couple of journalists you work with, which considerably speeds up the whole process.

💡 Example: If you’re launching fitness products, consider reaching out to health and tech journalists.

Now, that you know how to make your press release appealing to humans, it’s time to make it SEO-friendly. Here, you need to keep in mind just two things.

Press Release Optimization for SEO Tip #1: Use the right keywords
As mentioned above, use relevant keywords related to your business and the press release topic. Place these keywords in the text and headlines naturally. Remember, don’t overdo it.

💡 Example: Use phrases like “smart fitness trackers,” “health tech innovations,” and your brand name. Again, make sure these keywords appear naturally in your text and headlines.

Press Release Optimization for SEO Tip #2: Limit external links
Keep external links to your website to a minimum – one is usually sufficient. This helps maintain the credibility of your press release.

Wrap-Up: Press Release, Backlinks, and SEO

📌 Remember this: Your customers are real people with real needs. That’s why, start by crafting press releases that speak to their interests and problems – meaning, optimize for humans first.

When you release such customer- and PR specialist-friendly press releases strategically, you help your SEO considerably. You will earn backlinks from authoritative sources. This is how you not only boost your brand’s online presence but also enhance your website’s credibility in the eyes of search engines.

Now, if you’re currently in search of some foolproof ways to acquire backlinks and improve your online presence, see what our link building services have in store for you. Use our help with outreach link building and see your website climb the search results, reach more people, and become a standout in your field!

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