Is FAQ Dead? Google Lowers the Visibility of HowTo and FAQs!

Is FAQ Dead? Google Lowers the Visibility of HowTo and FAQs!
09 August 2023
Since 2019, Google has been supporting the display of the FAQ and HowTo sections in search results in the form of rich snippets, but there have been claims for some time that the sections are not as readily displayed as they were before.

Google has finally addressed this issue and announced an update of this feature, which will take place next week (it would be boring without changes, wouldn’t it?). What does it mean for website owners? Is there a reason to be afraid?

Lower Visibility of HowTo and FAQ in Search Results

Although a drop in the visibility of the FAQ sections has been noticed by users since April 2023, only now did Google officially announce an update that addresses this element. Next week, an update will be rolled out worldwide, that will prevent FAQs from being displayed for most websites. HowTo, on the other hand, will disappear completely from mobile devices, and only desktop users will be presented with this element.

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Will FAQs Be Only for Government and Medical Websites?

Why does Google reduce the visibility of FAQs and HowTo in search results in the first place? The main purpose of this is to provide users with the most transparent and relevant results possible. These elements will be displayed mainly for government and medical sites with high authority.

Is This the End of FAQs for Most Websites?

Can we already say FAQ is dead? Definitely not!

Although the visibility of these elements will be reduced (and thus may cause a decrease in traffic for some sites), we do not recommend removing already implemented structured data from the site. The visibility of these elements will be reduced, but for some sites, the results with extended elements will still be displayed, so it is not worth getting rid of them.

Milena Fietko
Milena Fietko

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