Hey OpenAI, How Are You? What’s New in ChatGPT?

Hey OpenAI, How Are You? What’s New in ChatGPT?
07 August 2023
On July 30, an android version of ChatGPT was launched in the Play Store, and on August 3, a post from OpenAI appeared on Twitter (or should we already be using the name X? It's hard to decide) talking about the changes that are coming to the tool. What's hapenning in the world of AI and why are users complaining about the mobile app?

ChatGPT – Changes to the Online Version

1. Prompt Examples

Now you will see prompt examples when starting a new chat. They can help you start a conversation – of course, if you don’t already have an idea of what to ask ChatGPT today.

2. Suggesting Replies

ChatGPT suggests appropriate ways to continue the conversation after the bot has already answered your question. It does happen to work a bit lamely in non-English versions (Polish, we’re looking at you), since the suggestions sometimes do not appear at all or appear in… English. But well, if you’re a native speaker of English, or if you would like to embrace this kind of bilingual experience – go give it a try!

3. Default Choice of the Previously Used Model.

Previously, ChatGPT started every new chat in the 3.5 model, even if you were using the Plus version. Now, ChatGPT will remember your previously selected model – there’s no denying it’s quite a convenience, especially if you often use this tool.

4. No Need for Biweekly Log-ins.

Already familiar with the “Your session has expired” sign? The new update removes the need to log in every two weeks.

5. New Keyboard Shortcuts

Do you like to keep your work as optimized as possible? We’ve got some good news! You can now work faster, using keyboard shortcuts such as:

  • ⌘ (Ctrl) + Shift + ; (to copy the last code block),
  • ⌘ (Ctrl) + /, (to display the full list).

And, if you want to see more information about the updates, check out the OpenAI website.

Aktualizacje ChatGPT

Source: https://openai.com/chatgpt

ChatGPT for Android

Okay, so let’s move on to the second part, similarly packed with new information as the first one – ChatGPT for mobile devices. How does it look and perform? We’ll answer it here!

It runs smoothly and quickly, and does not shut down without reason – the bare minimum – fulfilled.

But users have quite a few comments: most relate to problems with logging in (the “something went wrong” error), registering, and launching the app. There are also reports that the language gets automatically set back to English, or that the Code Interpreter doesn’t work. A major drawback is the fact that you cannot use ChatGPT Plus in the app, which enables access to the newer GPT-4.0 model.

ChatGPT Plus unavailable in the Android app

Source: ChatGPT Android App

Indeed, the ChatGPT app does not support add-ons or plug-ins, which is a major disadvantage. In exchange, it provides the users with voice commands – voice recognition isn’t ideal, but it may help some users a lot.

Our Feelings?

It’s ok, but it could have been better! There are no fireworks, that’s for sure. Below, I’ve collected the pros and cons that Delante specialists highlighted. We hope that ChatGPT Plus (currently “Coming soon”) will be included in the mobile app soon and that plugin support will be added along with i

The prosThe cons
One account - access to chat history on both devices (+ data synchronization)No plugin support
Voice commands featured in the appVoice recognition is far from ideal - there are errors, wrong language identifications
Works faster than the web app - better for quick useVoice commands stop the recording and send the generated response via the screen, which can be irritating.
Free and foolproofNo ChatGPT Plus options available - you can only use the GPT-3.5 model

The above article is about the ChatGPT for Android version 1.0.0026.

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