Are Link Building Mistakes Hindering Your Rankings on Google?

Are Link Building Mistakes Hindering Your Rankings on Google?
20 October 2021
Have you ever wondered what mistakes make link building underperform the most often? After analyzing 50 different websites and their off-site processes the answer is ready for you to check. We're presenting "The Most Common Link Building Mistakes in 2021" Report. Learn more about it!
Link building strategies are constantly evolving, but one constant remains the same - link building is still an essential part of a successful SEO strategy and worth doing correctly. However, according to the latest Delante Report, The Most Common Link Building Mistakes in 2021, many businesses are still making several common mistakes in their link building processes. The number one link building mistake was to focus solely on link-building for a landing or main page while overlooking subpages or product pages that could bring more punch. Eighty percent of the 50 company websites analyzed for the quarterly report were making this mistake. The report explains that although linking to the main page is crucial at the very beginning of the SEO process. You shouldn't focus solely on backlinks to the landing page. It would help if you also concentrated on long-tail keywords that are placed strategically on product pages or important subpages that can garner more visibility where it counts. "When building valuable backlinks to your site, remember the importance of long-tail SEO. At the very beginning of your activities, it's worth improving your landing page parameters," says Matt Calik, Delante’s Head of SEO. "However, your next focus should be on improving the subpages that generate the most traffic to your website." [caption id="attachment_45440" align="aligncenter" width="750"] Source: The Most Common Link Building Mistakes in 2021 Report[/caption] The report goes into an in-depth analysis of the 16 common link-building mistakes and how to fix them, analyzing 50 Delante clients' websites with an average of 8,202 subpages, combined with tips from SEO experts from around the globe. "The linking process is supposed to reflect your website's popularity," says Calik. "In simple words, it can be said that the more high-quality backlinks you have, the more valuable your website is considered, which causes more people to talk about it and link to your content, i.e., articles, products, photos, or landing page." Could these common link building mistakes be the culprit of your sluggish sales on your e-commerce site? View the 61-page report that gives e-commerce website owners the tips, strategies, and tools they need to diagnose the mistakes and the most effective ways to eliminate them.
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