How to Do SEO for the Jewelry Industry in the Coronavirus Era?



How to Do SEO for the Jewelry Industry in the Coronavirus Era?d-tags
25 October 2021
Valentine's Day, birthday, anniversary… These are only some exemplary occasions you buy jewelry for. For this purpose, you can shop online or in traditional stores. What to pay attention to when doing jewelry website SEO? Are the restrictions caused by covid-19 noticeable also in this sector? Keep reading our entry to discover answers to these and other questions!



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What’s the condition of the jewelry industry during the covid-19 pandemic?

Many people are probably afraid that the prices of luxury goods will increase as a result of the crisis. Consequently, we would like to present you with a few conclusions. It’s worth noting that the price of gold per ounce has temporarily increased. Hence, there may be some fluctuations in the price of the jewelry. Many entrepreneurs in the industry note a visible decline in the turnover of brick and mortar stores. During the pandemic, some of us decided to spend money solely on necessities, whereas others purchase gold watches or jewelry with diamonds. It can be categorized as an investment in luxury products whose price has been more attractive than ever. It’s been noted that the structure of online sales has also changed due to the fact that many customers and investors realize that after the pandemic crisis, when the economy starts to function and stores open, we can expect changes in prices.

SEO for a website in the jewelry industry

An average customer visiting an online jewelry store pays attention to a number of factors and has two main possibilities. If your online store inspires trust, it’ll lead to a purchase. On the other hand, if customers feel lost when browsing your page, they’ll surely leave it. Therefore, it’s so crucial to know basic steps and SEO activities helpful in the jewelry industry. What can you do to interest recipients with your products? jewelry-website-seo-baner-CRO

Content is king!

Are you wondering why I’m talking about content at the very beginning? Well, the answer to this question is simple. A lot depends on the way you present your products. It’s beneficial to skillfully describe the jewelry. The customer who comes across a given item online needs to be sure that this is the one s/he has been looking for. Defining your target group and user personas may be helpful. Visuals and images are equally important but I’ll talk about them in the next part. Focus on unique product and category descriptions that are key for SEO. Remember that properly prepared content can help you improve your website positions. Longer texts describing categories or products should be divided into paragraphs and skillfully separated by headers. Don’t forget about proper selection of keywords. If you aren’t sure how to choose them, check out keyword research tools. Convince potential customers that you offer top quality products. A lot is determined by the quality - do you sell more affordable or high end goods? When describing your jewelry, focus on elements that make it stand out from the crowd. Provide technical data such as type, size or sample type. Customers focus on durability. If you run an online store, think about setting up a regular and quality company blog that would positively influence your jewelry website SEO. This form of sharing knowledge helps to improve brand recognition. Pay attention to unique content that will be attractive for users. With appropriate optimization and keywords, you’ll surely acquire an impressive group of recipients. How to start running a blog? The buyer needs to know why your jewelry is the best and it’s worth purchasing it. Remember that website content should be tailored to the target group. Below you can see a few tips that are crucial when running a blog:
  • Create an intriguing introduction that will encourage users to read the entire entry,
  • Publish user-friendly, top quality content that is consistent and focused on the subject,
  • Offer a good dose of knowledge and a bit of sales context,
  • Remember to support the content with SEO elements (headers, bold, italics, keywords, internal linking).
What subjects will improve your sales? Discuss seasonal trends, share inspirations, news and guides.

Image optimization

When it comes to jewelry, we buy mainly with eyes. A lot depends on the way a given product is shown. Therefore, it’s worth choosing realistic photos that will attract attention. Visual presentation of the product is half of the success! Photograph a given model from different perspectives, in various positions. Jewelry shown in elegant cases and directly on the body sells well. Many people want to see how a bracelet actually looks on the hand, a ring on the finger and a necklace around the neck. Therefore, it’s worth taking professional photos in good light. Only this method of showing jewelry can attract potential buyers. Remember to optimize pictures SEO-wise. This way, your website will be ranked higher in Google. Make sure that the image name is correct. It should be a concise description of the photo content. Apply key phrases skilfully. Remember to separate words with a hyphen and avoid using ASCII (the standard character coding system that allows computers and mobile networks to transfer data). Wondering what format you should choose to save your images? Use .jpg for all kinds of pictures and .png for charts, diagrams, illustrations or logos. The size is another important element of image optimization. Remember that both users and Google robots pay attention to website loading time. Therefore, it’s so crucial to decrease image size and scale it with PhotoShop. An alt description that allows Google robots and visually impaired persons to see the image content is the last element. Wondering how long it should be? It's estimated that alt should consist of 5 to 15 words. Remember to make sure that the alternative description contains the most important keyword. This way, you increase the chances that the picture will be shown in Google Images. Finally, take your time to check if graphics are placed in the right locations on the website and complement them with captions.

Long-tail SEO in the jewelry industry

The industry is highly competitive. If you’re just launching your store, outdoing market rivals - real tycoons ranked high for phrases such as “jewelry” or “rings” - will be almost impossible. Therefore, in your activities you should focus on long-tail SEO. It’s about doing SEO for more detailed phrases such as "ring with red eye", "gold necklace with diamonds". Apart from being less competitive, such keywords are frequently characterized by a higher conversion rate. To select appropriate phrases, you may benefit from tools such as Senuto, Semstorm, Google Trends or Answer The Public. [caption id="attachment_44749" align="aligncenter" width="750"]answear the public engagement ring Source:[/caption]

Local SEO in the jewelry industry

Would you like to reach a wider range of recipients searching for products in a particular region? Focus on local SEO that will allow you to increase the group of regular customers from a given area. Local SEO is about phrases with location (e.g. jewelry Jersey, rings Boston). Before buying luxury goods, many customers want to see them in person, therefore, they look for such phrases. Setting up a Google My Business listing is crucial. It increases the chances of your website coming up in the search results for local phrases. This allows you to effectively show users what they can actually benefit from.

Mark your presence on social media!

When thinking about e-commerce and the jewelry industry, it’s impossible to forget about social media. It’s a must-have for every company that wants to gain popularity and thus attract more customers. This way, you can increase brand recognition and build relationships with potential buyers. Wanting to keep up with your market rivals? Remember about basic social media channels. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube are the social networks where the jewelry industry should thrive! This is where we operate with images. By presenting jewelry in professional and real photographs, we influence the subconscious of our audience. Women love to browse inspirational photos with outfits where stylish and well-chosen jewelry is the icing on the cake, whereas men pay attention to classy watches. Apart from being present on social media, it’s worth focusing on the benefits that can result from cooperation with influencers. Such activities increase traffic to websites of promoted jewelry brands. Influencers affect other people's behavior thanks to their online activity. Wondering how to select the right person? Analyze published content. Monitor values they follow and assess whether their image represents your brand values.

What else should you pay attention to when doing SEO for the jewelry industry?

The jewelry industry is governed by its own laws. To attract customers' attention and encourage them to buy jewelry in your online store, pay attention to the layout and clarity of the site. The website should have clearly separated categories and products. User experience is a very important element in the fight for customers. When browsing your products or making a purchase, users can’t feel lost. All steps should be clear, simple, and as quick as possible. As you know, more and more people use mobile devices to browse the net. We willingly buy on smartphones, therefore, it’s crucial that your website design is responsive. If you want to increase the reach of your products and attract more potential customers, support conducted SEO activities with paid ads. Properly constructed ads will reach your target group. Considering the current situation related to the Covid-19 pandemic, it's worth taking all the steps to mark your presence in the jewelry industry. Remember that SEO is a long-term process that will help you achieve the desired results in the future. Combine your marketing activities with SEO to accomplish your goals!


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