Why Is It Worth Monitoring Your Visibility on Google?

Why Is It Worth Monitoring Your Visibility on Google?

In a nutshell, optimizing your website and monitoring its visibility is crucial because thanks to these activities you’ll be able not only to detect and solve any of the encountered SEO problems but also to re-analyze your strategy and adjust it to the requirements that will allow you to reach top positions on Google.

SEO activities vs. visibility monitoring

You’re certainly aware that optimizing your website in accordance with all SEO guidelines isn’t enough. Search engines are constantly updating their ranking factors and we can witness the emergence of new websites every day. This means that you can’t assume that your company and website will be continuously ranked on top positions without any effort. Conducting the SEO process for a website is a never-ending story whose main task is to monitor the site visibility.

Check whether your activities bring any results

The first and foremost advantage of monitoring your website visibility is the possibility to verify whether the conducted activities, implemented changes and the SEO process bring any benefits to your website.

Besides, this way you can efficiently check whether your budget is managed properly. Monitoring keywords is of great importance in terms of assessing the effects of the performed activities. Positions on which proper keywords are displayed in Google are one of the most important pieces of information that every SEO specialist should be familiar with. Thanks to them, it can be determined whether a given strategy and obtained links are effective and whether the website content serves its purpose.

However, it needs to be noted that visibility monitoring may not be an exhaustive source of knowledge. Only after combining it with data from other tools such as Google Analytics or Google Search Console you’ll be able to draw proper conclusions and develop effective strategies.

Increase traffic to the site

Monitoring your visibility on Google and analyzing obtained data are factors that can significantly help you achieve higher positions in the search results.

There is probably no one who hasn’t heard that running a company blog regularly brings numerous benefits. The most important merits of blog posting include creating a network of people who think similarly, reaching new potential customers or improving your website visibility.

Therefore, when choosing a topic for your next article, you should consider numerous factors and take into account the importance of SEO.

Monitoring visibility - blog

Your company blog should comprise all the features that are characteristic of quality content. The list includes: appropriate texts, user-friendly language or informative articles. However, even if you’ve all of it, you still need to attract users. SEO activities will allow you to exchange the effort and devoted time for bigger traffic and greater visibility of your website.

When monitoring your visibility, check keywords you’re displayed on in the search engine. This information will noticeably facilitate the selection of topics for your next blog posts. Consequently, your website visibility and organic traffic to the site should quickly improve.

You can also analyze keywords on which your website is displayed on the second or third page in organic search results. It’s worth spending some time working on these key phrases and hoping that one day they’ll be ranked in TOP10. However, if you see that after entering a given keyword in the search engine you’re displayed in TOP3 but it still doesn’t bring any traffic to your site, you should consider introducing changes. Spend some time working on your CTR by modifying meta descriptions or implementing Scheme.

Monitor the condition of your website

One of the greatest benefits of SEO monitoring is the possibility to find errors that can negatively affect the site’s usability which is considered crucial by both users and search engine robots. Keyword monitoring allows you to quickly detect any indexing problems, such as faulty links, server errors or unnecessary redirects. This way, you’ll be able to efficiently solve any problems before they have a negative impact on your website traffic and indexing.

Keep an eye on your competitors and draw conclusions

Your competitors on the market are a gold mine that can inform you about all the aspects of your SEO strategy and help you increase organic traffic to the site. With this in mind, start from analyzing keywords on which your competition is displayed on Google but your website isn’t. Seeing activities performed by your market rivals will allow you to make your actions even more effective. Consequently, your site will be quickly ranked higher on Google.

Proper evaluation and conclusions drawn from the positions of your rivals and their activities can have a miraculous impact on your SEO strategy.

Tools for monitoring your visibility

Let’s assume that you spent a few days creating content that would contain appropriate keywords or you hired an agency or a copywriter to do it for you. Moreover, you’ve performed a number of SEO activities hoping that the published texts will lead your website to top positions on Google. Constant visibility monitoring can show you whether the conducted actions bring satisfactory results.

However, there is still one question that needs to be answered – how to monitor visibility? The manual checking is rather time-consuming and involves browsing Google in search of your keywords and website. Furthermore, this solution will be very ineffective if you target at many phrases at the same time. It’s much better to take advantage of dedicated tools. If you’re interested in learning how to check your rank in Google and which tools to use, go to one of our previous entries.

To sum up

Visibility monitoring brings many benefits.

It helps you to determine which of the performed SEO activities work and which don’t. Moreover, it provides context for analyzing the ranking, enables you to gain advantage over your competition on the market and, more importantly, allows you to eliminate any ineffective actions. Finally, monitoring your visibility can indicate the aspects on which you need to focus to be ranked high on Google.

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