PPC Weekly News Review – #1 April 2024



PPC Weekly News Review – #1 April 2024d-tags
05 April 2024
Find out what's new in the PPC world the last week has brought - a new audience segment in Meta Ads and price transparency in Google Ads!



Audience Segment “Engaged Customers” in Advantage+ Shopping Campaign

So far, the Advantage+ shopping campaign in Meta Ads has defined audience segments such as “New Customers” and ” Existing Customers.” New among them is the appearance of the “Engaged Customers” segment, i.e. people who already know about the presence of a particular company or have interacted with its products, but have not made a purchase.

Engaged customers in Meta Ads

source: Meta Ads Panel

What does this mean for you?

A newly added segment could include, for example, people viewing a particular website or browsing products in the shopping section on Facebook or Instagram.

After defining audience segments, it will be possible to report the results of Advantage+ shopping campaigns taking into account the breakdown of results by segment (new, existing and engaged customers) in the reporting filter.

Price Transparency in Google Ads

At the account level, there is a new “Price Transparency” section, where two options are available for selection:

  • access to non-aggregated price data,
  • sharing price data with publishers.
Price transparency in Google Ads

source: Google Ads Panel

What does this mean for you?

As a publisher (in the European Economic Area), you can access details of the prices of ads displayed to users in the EEA region (data in the form of a CSV file will be available for download within 48 hours of enabling this option), and share this information about your own ads with other publishers.

The report can include costs such as CPC, CPM, CPA, CPV.

When checking the first of the boxes, a message will appear on the screen – you should confirm with it that you will not distribute any details of the pricing data file – this is expressly forbidden.

In turn, when you check the second box, you agree to share:

  • the amount paid for a given advertisement;
  • deductions and surcharges charged by Google;
  • the data on the basis of which these amounts are calculated.
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