SEO Cooperation

You're thinking of teaming up with Delante, yet there's a burning question you need to ask - go ahead and contact us! But before you write us a message, please check the FAQ below as we may already have the answer you're looking for.
SEO Cooperation

You’ve received an offer with the pricing and now you’re considering whether you should cooperate with us? Or maybe you’ve been presented with a few proposals and now you’re trying to decide which one to choose? We understand your situation perfectly! Choosing a SEO agency is an important business decision, that potentially has a large influence on your enterprise. You most likely have a few questions or doubts – and that’s precisely why we decided to answer them, even before you ask. Below you’ll find questions asked frequently before signing a contract with us.

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1. What does the budget for the SEO process include?

The SEO budget includes several elements and is based upon the specific needs of the domain and your business goals. After an SEO specialist conducts a thorough technical analysis of the domain, the budget elements are identified. These elements and thus the budget may change monthly depending upon ongoing SEO analysis and business objectives. The main areas of concentration included in a monthly budget are:

  • SEO consulting/Customer services
  • Reporting
  • Copywriting
  • Analytics
  • Off-site and On-site process
  • SEO website audit

During the first month and after the technical analysis, the SEO Specialist will also conduct an exhaustive SEO audit and keyword research analysis to help further identify SEO strategies. It’s important to explore and define the weaknesses of the website in terms of its optimization first before an audit is conducted.
We’ve created a sample budget distribution for the first and third months of cooperation in the graphs below. The budget distribution in the proceeding months may not change much but will reflect the needs of the website in question (that’s why the budget can vary for your business).
The monthly budget is flexible and will reflect the way the website reacts to the implementedchanges. As our team tailors your SEO strategy and the chosen activities toyour specific needs, it is often difficult to predict the exact monthly budgetdistribution in the beginning. However, based on past client experiences, we can estimate the budget and time required to reach your business goals.

SEO budget ratio - first month

2. I’ve received an offer for 500 Euro. Why is Delante’s more expensive?

Our service is comprehensive and includes all activities needed for an effective SEO strategy. Its cost is divided between a team of specialists, who deploy their expertise and the industry’s leading tools and techniques to create a successful SEO strategy for your website. Additional factors that influence the price are presented below.

SEO costs
As you can see, the cost of the SEO process includes many factors, and all are equally important for your site’s search engine visibility. They also work best when they are implemented at the same time. For every client, we individually set the process’ price, considering several elements including:

  • Domain history
  • Current keyword ranks
  • Competitiveness on the market and industry
  • Website quality
  • Competitors’ online activity, etc.

What’s included but not itemized in the 500 Euro budget is our expertise and utilization of the industry’s latest techniques and tools, which are essential for a successful SEO process. Our experts utilize the industry’s leading tools and processes to conduct an SEO audit, create an online SEO strategy, and track the results of the SEO process at all times. We understand that website optimization alone, without the creation of backlinks, will contribute to search engine visibility. However, it will be less significant and achieved at a much slower rate. Plus, the proper creation of backlinks is crucial as some backlinks can actually harm the website’s ranking. For example, if there’s a rapid rise in the number of backlinks coming from non-optimized sites, the Spam Score can increase rapidly, which negatively influences the search engine visibility of the domain.

3. Can the offer get cheaper if we skip the link building…

… or any other element listed in the offer?

Based on our experience – not really. At the moment, it is said that SEO efforts should consist of 3 main activities: website optimization, link building, and copywriting. There should be a proper strategy behind each of those elements, and all should complement one another in order to influence the SEO.

4. What is your experience as an SEO agency?

Delante has been in the SEO industry for over 8 years. In that time, we’ve helped hundreds of clients in over 20 countries successfully increase their website traffic while optimizing nearly 100 thousand keywords specifically tailored to their businesses. Specializing in SEO/SEM, our success is built upon the utilization of modern SEO rules, which our long-standing competitors were still skeptical about implementing long after we started. We have an extensive client base working with online stores and websites from many industries (technology, lifestyle, ecology, law, IT, and more). We optimize websites for international businesses here in Poland and around the world.

Delante's international experience

We manage SEO processes for clients in over 20 countreis around the world…

Industries Delante worked with for international SEO projects

… and in a variety of industries – including those considered difficult to promote!

The results of our work can be found on our website:

5. How do you handle international SEO without native speakers in the team?

Successfully managing the SEO process for a myriad of clients in over 20 counties, our team has gained experience in collaborating in the international business arena. So, we possess the experience and knowledge to manage international SEO processes. In addition, many of our team members are bilingual, speaking English as well as their native Polish.

Also, for every international cooperation, we work with external native speakers and professional translators to make sure our process and content delivered to the clients are of top quality and in alignment with Delante’s quality standards.

content samples

If needed, every prepared content piece can be sent to our client for approval. If there’s anything to change or improve – we work with the piece and shape it till it takes the best form.

But there’s more to international SEO than just content, you may say. Sure! Throughout the years, when gaining experience on the international market we composed dedicated link building processes for each country. We created a link source base of local domains that we use when conducting the SEO process for a particular country.

6. How do you manage remote cooperation?

The majority of our clients are not able to meet with us face to face, so remote cooperation is our everyday reality. The task is easier to manage as every client has a dedicated SEO specialist to stay in touch with. The communication is usually done via email, phone calls, or e-meetings via Google Hangouts or Zoom.

Also, all of our reports and documents are prepared to fit the remote cooperation conditions. That’s why, for example, monthly reports are delivered via email in the form of automated G Suite documents. In addition, when conducting keyword research we work with our clients using online sheets that both sides can edit. The same applies to all sorts of audits and analysis summaries we provided in a form of easy-to-understand and comprehensive PDF files.

7. Is it possible to see examples of your success stories?

Yes, we’ve described a lot of case studies on our website:

8. Are other clients recommending Delante?

Yes, we have our clients’ recommendations. You can read their reviews:

  1. on Google
  2. on Clutch
  3. on Good Firms
  4. on Design Rush
  5. on our website

Even though we don’t collect references in writing (since we find them slightly old-fashioned), we can put you in contact with some of our clients so that you can ask about their opinion in person if you’re still not convinced by the above-mentioned recommendations.

9. Who will be working on my website?

There will be a dedicated SEO specialist assigned to your project with whom you will collaborate regularly. They will be available to answer all your questions and keep you informed on the progress of our work. This person will also be directly responsible for conducting the work on the website.

However, this specialist is not the only person who will be working on your (and our) success, though. They will be supported by a team of people responsible for specific tasks. Including:

  • SEO Specialist – your new best friend and go-to person
  • Head of SEO – coordinates and supports the SEO specialists in a strategic decision-making process
  • Junior SEO Specialist – helps the SEO specialist in website optimization and link building activities
  • Copywriter – writes unique content, meant for your website and beyond
  • Translator – if your website is in a foreign language, the translator will take care of translating all content and links properly
  • Web Developer – supports the SEO specialist in implementing more complex changes within the website
  • Finance Specialist – issues invoices and keeps an eye on the payments
  • Marketing Consultant – adjusts the scope of the service to your needs and determines the terms and conditions of the contract. If you wish to broaden the scope or increase the budget, this will be the person to go to.

Delante structure

During the cooperation, you will be in touch with one of the dedicated specialists:

Specjalisci SEO Delante

10. How often will I have contact with an SEO specialist working on my website?

From the very start of cooperation, you will be assigned a dedicated SEO specialist who will not only be taking care of your SEO process but also will become your contact person. This means you will have direct contact with the person actively working on your website through the whole cooperation.
It’s hard to point out how many times per, let’s say a month, you will be in touch with your dedicated SEO specialist. That’s totally up to you – one thing is sure though, you can reach out to an assigned SEO specialist anytime when you have questions, concerns, or any doubt. Usually, the contact is more intense during the first months of cooperation and transforms into a longer monthly call/meeting to catch up on changes and the current project status.

11. How will I know that you’ve been actually working on my website?

During the cooperation, you can easily reach us via email or telephone. We answer the emails within 24 hours at the latest – but usually, it happens much faster.

Within the first month, we will conduct a detailed audit of your website, which we are happy to discuss afterward. The audit will also show what SEO strategies will be utilized on the website.

After each month, at the very beginning of the next one, you will receive a report with the results of our work. In case you have any questions, you will be encouraged to ask them to dispel any doubts.

Check our monthly report sample

SEO isn’t a magic formula that works the same for every client. It takes hard work and dedication to create a unique strategy for each and every client. And we are glad to share the details with you. When working with us, you will know exactly what happens with your project and what we’re currently working on. Plus, you will see the actual results in monthly reports. What’s more important, though, is that you will be in direct contact with a dedicated specialist, who will be working on optimizing your website. Therefore, you can resolve your doubts and get the answers you’re looking for at any time.

We track the progress of our work in Google Docs, which can easily be shared with our clients so that they can keep an eye on it as well.

While cooperating with us, you’re still the owner of the most important webmaster tools, such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, or Google Ads, where you can track the results of our work at all times – you have constant access to them, and they remain yours when the contract ends.

We don’t delete backlinks after the end of the cooperation, so they all will still be in place even after you decide to finish working with us.

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