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05 August 2021
Designing a website can be a complex process, but fortunately, there are many CMS modules in existence that are designed to help you create a website you can be proud of. Keep reading and learn about 10 Drupal modules for e-commerce!



Drupal is a Content Management System (CMS) that enables users to build and maintain websites. It is very similar to platforms like Magento, a CMS where you can customize designs based on your individual preferences, utilizing Magento modules to enhance the process. But why exactly do you need modules to design websites using CMS platforms? Well, modules add functionality and extend site features so you can create something that resonates with your target demographic. Once you’ve installed a module, it will assist with the design process by helping you integrate useful functions that add to the consumer experience. This will help you fulfill your ambition to convert leads into paying customers. Drupal modules are especially useful for managing various aspects of your site, though it’s important to note they will also add to loading times. That’s why it’s worth knowing which modules are worth getting, so you can select ones that add value and help you establish a successful website. increase your visibility Here are some must-have Drupal modules that will improve the design and maintenance process to make your life easier:

10 Must-Have Modules for Drupal

There is a corresponding module for every Drupal feature, so here are some exceptional modules for you to utilize when developing your site:


As one of the most responsive menu modules on the market, MMenu is a great way to effortlessly set up a mobile-off screen menu. What’s great about this plugin is it’s affordable, easy-to-use, and comprises various features including touchscreen support. MMenu provides a great coding experience, utilizing a two-menu combination where you can combine any two menu entities. It allows you to effortlessly collaborate with other modules like Superfish and hammer.js, with fantastic compatibility across various functions.
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Field Group

Cleaning content types is a great way to make the lives of your content editors easier. With Field Group you can achieve just that, where you can organize similar fields into tabs. This makes it simple for people to find and deal with your content across various pages. Things like images, SEO-related fields, and optional fields are all grouped together by this module, so you can find everything in categorized sections. Overall, the module is designed to help content editors.

Rabbit Hole

This module will help you address concerns that would otherwise overwhelm you, for example accessing pages individually when using certain taxonomy terms or content. This resourceful module offers unparalleled results, addressing pressing issues en route to making different nodes individually accessible. This works wonders for your website when it’s being indexed by Google, meaning it’s a great tool that fits multiple purposes.


With a simple keyboard shortcut, you can navigate the admin area of your keyboard with ease. Coffee is a great time-saving tool, which makes it easier to search for the page you want to visit. Coffee will make the process of searching for what you’re looking for hassle-free, with the full advantage of the D8 User Interface for a faster response than using a mouse. best drupal extensions for e-commerce

Role Expire

Managing expiration dates can be tricky without Role Expire. This module makes the job of administrators simpler, where you can utilize a simple, easy-to-use module for managing expiration dates and more. You can also implement subscriptions, which are presented in the form of a magazine. Also, if people need access to high-profile content for a limited time, you can grant them access accordingly.


If you’re looking to arrange content in a particular order, you’ll benefit from this handy module. For example, if you want to collate content within Drupal nodes, you can use this module to arrange content items in a weighted fashion. You can order content in lists from highest to lowest, meaning this module is useful from an organizational standpoint.

Google Analytics

Without question one of the most well-renowned, respected tools on the internet, Google Analytics is a great way to evaluate and measure the traffic your website receives. This module will help you track advanced statistics, where you can integrate a system that enables you to analyze data and help you make well-informed decisions.
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It can be difficult creating perfectly synchronized content for your site, especially if you don’t have the technical expertise required to do so. With the Paragraphs module, you can pre-define complex components while enabling new content to be added as individual paragraphs. You can combine various fields using drag-and-drop functionality, creating customized fields by combining various elements. Creating a paragraph combines image and text fields, so you can display items side by side. This paragraph will then be available to use whenever you choose, making it easy to create flexible pages when building websites.

Stage File Proxy

Collaborate with your production database without needing to sync production files. Usually, as you develop a Drupal site, you’d need to choose between broken images and the time needed to copy snapshots of the remote files directory. This can require several gigabytes, depending on the size of your website. However, with Stage File Proxy you can easily update your database without having to adjust the files directory. This module is a great choice if you’re operating on a large platform with lots of files.

Entity Browser

This Drupal media management tool allows you to drag and drop multiple images simultaneously. You can handle various entities across multiple functions, to make the process of creating, browsing, and selecting things easier. You can rearrange images to make it easier to reuse them when conducting searches for related content. You can seamlessly conduct searches based on your required criteria, creating and adding new quotes without needing to open new tabs. Thanks for reading this article! If you’re intrigued to learn more about Content Management Systems, specifically about add-ons that will facilitate the website design process, why not check out our article about the best add-ons for Prestashop.
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Delante is an online marketing agency specialized in generating website traffic from search engines and paid ads (SEO / SEM). Over 80% of our clients are from rapidly growing e-commerce industry.

Logo Delante

Delante is an online marketing agency specialized in generating website traffic from search engines and paid ads (SEO / SEM). Over 80% of our clients are from rapidly growing e-commerce industry.

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